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Monthly Insights Series

Reell Insights: Igniting a journey toward seeing things whole

Join our free monthly web series to explore aspects of seeing things whole. This 30-minute interactive dialogue will dive into practices that foster curiosity, dignity, humility, and trust. Expert interviews with seasoned leaders will inspire you to embrace holistic leadership and work towards the common good.

Series Takeaways:Faceless male using laptop near coffee cup and notepad

  • Consider strategies to analyze complex situations and seek holistic approaches
  • Engage with leaders who share insights from experience
  • Discover practical ways to enact dignity, build trust, and foster engagement in your life and work

This free online session will be offered on a monthly basis. Come once, or keep coming back.

Upcoming Sessions:

Join our first session on Friday, June 14th at 12pm

Topic: Asking Powerful Questions with Carolyn Evans, Ph.D.

Carolyn advances transformative, equity-minded leadership development for mid-career professionals across industries. Carolyn is passionate about coaching leaders to heighten self-awareness, re-imagine goals, ignite bold action, and integrate reflection into their professional practice. Her coaching experience is multi-faceted: she has designed and facilitated graduate-level coaching courses; strategized with clients to develop and embed a coaching culture into the framework of their organizations; and coached leaders from the healthcare, education and financial industries.

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Future sessions and topics will be announced soon!