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Roundtable Dialogue

The Seeing Things Whole Roundtable Dialogue offers a unique process designed to assist leaders and organizations in engaging stakeholders and gaining valuable perspectives on organizational challenges and opportunities. Embedded within our Community Practice Cohort, this process can seamlessly integrate into organizational decision-making and planning processes.

These gatherings provide leaders with a platform to connect and offer meaningful insights and fellowship as they navigate today’s leadership landscape.

What to Expect:

  • A member presents a challenge for group dialogue during the Roundtable.
  • The group collectively explores the challenge, considering perspectives of Identity, Purpose, and Stewardship to uncover a holistic approach.
  • Rather than offering advice, the group poses questions, supporting the member in fully understanding the multi-dimensional aspects of the challenge.
  • Challenges tackled typically lack obvious solutions.
  • Through the Roundtable, we cultivate trusting relationships that empower leaders to reflect openly, gaining insights and crafting solutions. This process enhances their ability to see things whole.

Connect with our staff to explore a Roundtable Dialogue for your organization.