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Whole Teams and Organizations

To sustain most any kind of journey, it helps to travel in the company of others. For more than 15 years, Seeing Things Whole has been helping teams and organizations integrate individual self-discovery and development within the supportive context of a team-strengthening format.

“Through our work with Seeing Things Whole, Zoar Outdoor has gained a clearer understanding of our mission and values. We’ve gained a fresh approach to problem solving and evaluating new ideas, planning and hiring. We work better as a team. Their guidance, care and empathy is an essential part of keeping our business healthy and strong.” — Karen Blom, public relations, Zoar Outdoor

Our resources for teams and organizations, outreach such as RoundTables, and growing body of work will help you become a whole leader and invite others to join you in living the STW way, supporting each other as you bring your deepest convictions and moral courage to your day-to-day work.

Move Your Team Forward

STW has been pioneering an innovative leadership formation program that will guide you and your colleagues through a journey to:

  • Become aware of one another’s unique strengths
  • Explore the connection of their personal core values to the their organization’s mission and values
  • Learn and practice high-leverage communication skills for supporting one another around complex challenges
  • Gain experience with a process for discovering and mapping complex personal and professional growth challenges
  • Learn and practice a unique team-based process for resourcing an individual around a personal professional challenge

Contact us to start your journey today, either through a self-guided approach or as a team through confidential RoundTable discussions.

Empower Your Organization

It is critical that the performance of our organizations be measured no longer by a single bottom line, but rather by multiple bottom lines that—together—more fully reflect the health and effect of our organizations on the world around us.

Our work with organizations is grounded in paying attention to “things”—the web of everyday practical details, pressures, necessities and opportunities—that are part of life. We challenge organizations to engage in the often painstaking work of connecting their day-to-day practical realities and issues with their aspirations, values and beliefs. The result: organizations achieve a “lived faith” when they align the real with the ideal.

STW RoundTables

Several years ago, at the request of some of our client organizations, STW launched its first round table – linking leadership teams of organizations committed to the integration of moral deliberation, spiritual imagination and organizational life. Participating organizations rotate hosting these half-day gatherings (currently in the greater Boston area, Chicago and in Minnesota’s Twin Cities). The host organization presents a real-time, unresolved challenge it is facing, and participants serve as temporary trustees who work to identify solutions.

Get Involved

Interested in learning more about our resources for organizations? Want to participate in one of our many outreach programs, including RoundTables and workshops, including those specifically for NextGen Leaders? We encourage you to, first, familiarize yourself with our mission and read the Three-Fold Model of Organizational Life.

Then … let’s have a conversation to:

  • Connect you with a leader whose organization has worked with STW to achieve profound results.
  • Become a STW Temporary Trustee, which allows you to sit in on a few of our half-day round tables with leaders of other organizations. This will help you decide if the round tables are right for you before becoming a participating member.
  • Attend a RoundTable. We also periodically host conferences to hear from inspiring thought-leaders and network with other leaders interested in moving their organizations forward to achieve wholeness.
  • Review our resources to guide your exploration of spirituality and organizational life.