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Our Philosophy



Seeing Things Whole is on a mission to cultivate whole leaders and thriving organizations to positively impact the common good.


Seeing Things Whole envisions a world in which organizations and the people who work in them experience success across multiple bottom lines by seeking wholeness for themselves, customers, and stakeholders when living out their broader purpose in the world.

Core Values

Identity: Who We Are

Dignity for all

We are committed to one another’s growth, embrace one another’s strengths, care for the wholeness of others, and celebrate our collective achievements.


Through thoughtful listening that suspends judgment, we seek to deepen our understanding of diverse perspectives.

Purpose: Why We Do What We Do

Relationships of Trust

Through intentional and brave conversations, we build trusting relationships that support leaders and organizations to reflect openly to gain insight and create solutions when tackling personal and organizational challenges.

Common good

By seeing things whole leaders and organizations gain perspectives that help them realize their potential for serving the common good.

Stewardship: How We Do What We Do


Through sustained engagement, the commitment to multiple bottom lines brings leaders and organizations in alignment with their values.


We understand the interconnections in personal and organizational life. Through the STW model and practice, we strive to create balance within ourselves and with leaders and organizations from all disciplines.

Why is Seeing Things Whole at Augsburg University?

As Augsburg University supports students to tap into their unique gifts to fulfill their essential purpose through meaningful work, we recognize that organizations have an essential purpose too. The Reell Office of Seeing Things Whole supports organizations as they carry out their purpose in the world. Through a disciplined process that embraces the organization’s relationships to the larger world, Seeing Things Whole brings together a community of leaders and scholars to analyze and find solutions to critical organizational challenges. Rooted in Servant Leadership and Action Research, the Reell Office of Seeing Things Whole brings a long tradition of practice to life at Augsburg University and beyond.