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Seeing Things Whole co-founder Thomas Henry utilized the model and practice in his business (Landry’s Bicycles) throughout his time as CEO. He reflects on Seeing Things Whole’s origins and the impact it had on his ability to run a business for the good of the staff, customers, and the greater world.



Shari Erdman, co-CEO at Reell Precision Manufacturing, shares how her company utilizes the framework to support all of their essential stakeholders and enhance the business at the same time.



What roundtable participants are saying

During recent Roundtables, we asked participants to reflect on how the Seeing Things Whole philosophy and resources have added value to their lives. Whether you’re on an individual journey or want to develop a more meaningful culture within your team or organization, we look forward to working with you. Connect with us to learn more.

“I find the model to be very thorough in a way that fosters a unique depth of conversation. The format which promotes engagement of all of the round table members is incredibly valuable.”


“It’s been valuable to see that issues can be addressed constructively and through the combined perspectives of many people.”


“The process of being fully-engaged during the sessions–listening, caring, being mindful of your role–is the most valuable lesson I have learned from STW.”


“The STW Round Table has been valuable to me in several ways. The most valuable part of the process for me is allowing myself to take a step back from the day to day grind and immersing myself into an environment where intelligent and thoughtful people are able to be fully present stewards of information to another person’s life. I am able to be part of a positive experience in which both the person with the challenge, and the stewards of the information, leverage each other’s insights to look into an issue and provide thought-provoking questions regarding the challenge.”


“It has allowed me to think more fully about different situations.”


“After hearing the challenges of others, I have been able to view things differently in my own life and act differently.”


“I am more mindful of others. We all have stories and hearing the others reminds me the people I interact with on a daily basis have stories as well that affect our interactions.”


“Safe space. This problem-solving methodology provides an opportunity to reflect on blind spots with multiple and trusted perspectives using the lenses of identity, stewardship, and purpose.”