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Seeing Things Whole at Augsburg University

As Augsburg University supports students to tap into their unique gifts to fulfill their essential purpose through meaningful work, we recognize that organizations have an essential purpose too. The Reell Office of Seeing Things Whole supports organizations as they carry out their purpose in the world. Through a disciplined process that embraces the organization’s relationships to the larger world, Seeing Things Whole brings together a community of leaders and scholars to analyze and find solutions to critical organizational challenges. Rooted in Servant Leadership and Action Research, the Reell Office of Seeing Things Whole brings a long tradition of practice to life at Augsburg University and beyond.

Seeing Things Whole began in 1993 to accompany individuals and businesses eager to integrate moral reasoning and spiritual imagination into their work life. After years of successful round tables, conferences, and collaboration across industries, Seeing Things Whole integrated its work with longtime partner Augsburg University in 2016. Under the guidance of Professor Tom Morgan, PhD., the work of Seeing Things Whole continued and strengthened Augsburg’s mission to nurture tomorrow’s whole leaders through its use in the Masters of Arts and Leadership and Masters of Business Administration Programs.

To further work at Augsburg, the Reell Office of Seeing Things Whole was established in 2022 thanks to a generous donation. Dedicated staff were hired to further Seeing Things Whole’s impact outside of Augsburg University and will continue to expand the community of practice to see things whole and meet the needs of leaders today.

While the Reell Office does not work directly with undergraduate students, Augsburg students are prepared to be flexible professionals who can thrive in modern work environments. Classes and hands-on experiences help students explore their interests and talents, allowing them to develop skills that lead to success in their professional lives. Career exploration is supported by connections with employers and alumni, integration of career conversations and curriculum across the university, and opportunities to reflect on purpose and meaningful work.

Regardless of how an individual is interacting with Augsburg University, our purpose is to educate students at any age to make a living, make a life, and build community. The Reell Office of Seeing Things Whole is an extension of that purpose.