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Target – Augsburg Partnership Grant Extended for Summer and Fall Terms 2015

Dear Auggies,

Like the rest of our community here in the Twin Cities, Augsburg College and the Alumni Association were saddened to see this week’s devastating announcement about layoffs at Target corporate headquarters. News like this is especially painful when we know that Auggies were affected.

Regardless of your employment status, your alma mater is here to support you through education, mentorship, Auggie connections, and campus events. If you’re looking to further your education, Augsburg Admissions has put together a comprehensive package to support your next steps.

Augsburg College would like to extend its Partnership Grant program discounts to those affected by the recent workforce reduction at Target.

The Partnership discount of $50 per undergraduate credit and $80 per graduate credit will continue to apply to all previous Target employees if they newly enroll in an adult undergraduate or graduate program at Augsburg College in the summer or fall 2015 term.

Additionally, Augsburg has created a new alumni discount of $50 per undergraduate credit and $80 per graduate credit. To receive the alumni discount, a student must have earned a bachelor’s, master’s, or doctorate degree from Augsburg College. Alumni who newly enroll in further studies at Augsburg College will be able to receive this discount. The discount does not apply to CEU credits or workshops.

For maximum affordability, the alumni discount is stackable with one other discount! The alumni discount can be stacked with the military discount, the AmeriCorps/Lutheran Corps discount, or the Augsburg Partnership Grant.

For example, if you are an Augsburg alumna or alumnus that has been newly admitted into a graduate program and your Target Augsburg Partnership Grant program has been extended for the summer and fall terms, your two discounts may be stacked. Alumni Discount $80/credit + Partnership Grant Discount $80/credit = Total Discount $160/ credit.

Business-Related Programs

Augsburg College offers an MBA program and Master of Arts in Leadership program that can be completed in two years and are conveniently scheduled for working adults. A certificate can be earned in Leadership with the completion of three courses in the program. In the adult undergraduate program, among the most popular business majors are accounting, finance, business administration/economics, and management.

Strommen Center for Meaningful Work

The doors of the Strommen Center for Meaningful Work are open to all Augsburg students and graduates—connect with other Auggies in your field, find a mentor, or prepare for a job search or graduate school.

Strommen Executive Speaker Series

Join campus events dedicated to sharing leadership experience with alumni and students. On Thursday, April 9, at 5 p.m., Augsburg College welcomes Maykao Y. Hang, CEO & President of the Wilder Foundation to Sateren Auditorium. This series is an enriching opportunity for the entire campus community. RSVP for this event here.

* The Target – Augsburg Partnership Grant is not exclusive to Augsburg alumni—please share this information with any friends and colleagues affected by the most recent news.

For more information about the Target – Augsburg Partnership Grant, please visit or call 612-330-1101.