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Doing Theology with Girlfriends and John’s Gospel

The Augsburg bible study group, “Doing Theology with Girlfriends” and their leader, Babette Chatman ’05, recently worked on understanding the Gospel in a new way. According to Babette,

“We experimented with the many ways we identify or name God. One substitution that the ‘girlfriends’ drew strength and motivation from was replacing ‘he’ or ‘God’ with ‘The Word’.” The results of their work: 


The Word was in the word, and the world came into being through the Word; yet the world did know the Word.

The Word came to what was The Word’s own,

And the Word’s own people did not accept it.

But to all who received The Word,

Who believed in his name

The Word gave power to become children of God.


Doing Theology with Girlfriends meets on Monday nights at 7pm in the Millie Nelson room at Christensen Center.