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Reflecting on “Seeing Things Whole” in Business

Over the years, Seeing Things Whole has brought together many leaders to support each other in the growth and development of their individual organizations. Bob Wahlstedt (co-founder of Reell Precision Manufacturing), Shari Erdman (current co-CEO at Reell Precision Manufacturing), and Tom Henry (former owner and CEO at Landry Bicycles) gathered recently to discuss a range of topics and reflect on the history of Seeing Things Whole in their businesses and in their lives. Central to those conversations were how Seeing Things Whole became frameworks for enacting a worldview in their business while also helping them to focus on what it meant to create a whole organization.

Utilizing Seeing Things Whole to Drive Meaningful and Purpose Driven Work

Seeing Things Whole provided language and a model for building an organizational culture at Reell Precision Manufacturing that aligned with their business operations where they can focus on growing and developing their coworkers to be all they can be. This allowed them to drive towards more meaningful and purpose driven work.


Why is Wholeness Essential to Leadership Practice?


They also discuss the nature of leading from a place of wholeness and how it can support leaders struggling with burnout today. As a practice of Seeing Things Whole, creating an environment where people can bring their whole selves to the workplace is needed to gain success across multiple bottoms.

As a leader, consider how you are seeking to “seeing things whole” in your work as you build an organization that can be successful across multiple bottom lines.

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