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Deepen your personal leadership understanding

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The Reell Office of Seeing Things Whole, in collaboration with Augsburg University’s Center for Adult and Continuing Education, is thrilled to launch its second online course: Strengthening and Articulating Your Path Forward.

Whole leaders reflect deeply on their own values and strengths as a means to take initiative and empower others. Strengthening and Articulating Your Path Forward offers a unique opportunity to develop understanding of yourself as a leader and articulate your own path forward. Utilizing Seeing Things Whole’s Whole People, Whole Leaders Framework, this reflective course walks you through several guided exercises that allow you to articulate your personal mission and “see the whole” of your life and leadership. By developing an understanding of your values and strengths, you’ll walk away with realistic goals that are aligned with your personal mission.


  • Identify your core values and dependable strengths
  • Identify your personal mission statement
  • Articulate a set of personal goals that are aligned with your mission statement

This is the second course in a Whole Leadership Development Series being offered by the Reell Office of Seeing Things Whole and Augsburg’s Center for Adult and Continuing Education. After completing the course, you will be invited to join a community of practitioners at Seeing Things Whole Roundtables hosted at Augsburg University.


  • Those seeking to deepen their personal understanding of themselves as a leader
  • Those interested in aligning values with actions
  • Those interested in reflecting on their experiences and growing their potential
  • Those in their early-to-mid career


  • On-demand
  • Self-paced online
  • Asynchronous
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Real-life examples
  • Values-based
  • Individual leadership development
  • CEU awarding

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