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Become the Next Leader in Your Organization

A smiling man next to the heading that states "Become the next leader in your organization."

Whole leaders reflect deeply on their own values and strengths as a means to take initiative and empower others. They thoroughly consider how their actions create impact and take a holistic view when making critical decisions.

Our Community Practice Cohort is designed to empower leaders by providing a collaborative space to enhance the leadership process and practice and gain insights around real-life leadership challenges and opportunities.

The Community Practice Cohort is accepting eight members from September 2024–June 2025 to embark on a 10-month collaborative journey toward effective leadership. Participants will gain practical skills and knowledge on leadership topics—like articulating a problem, communication, team collaboration, decision making—as well as personalized roundtables to focus on issues and skills directly related to your organization.

To learn more, please contact Program Director Keri Clifton at or 612-330-1525.

You can schedule time with Keri to learn more about the opportunity —