Credit By Exam

Credit By Exam is part of Augsburg’s Assessment of Previous Learning (APL) program. A maximum of (32 semester credits can be earned through any combination of APL activities – AP, IB, CLEP, ACTFL, Portfolio Assessments, and Departmental Comprehensive Exams.  Approved exams that have met the minimum score are recorded on the Augsburg transcript as “Credit by Exam” without grades or grade points.

For more information about Credit By Exam, contact Assistant Registrar Lori York by e-mail or call 612-330-1316.

Advanced Placement  AP®

Offered to high school students at participating locations.

AP Exams and Augsburg Equivalencies
How to Request Your AP Exams Transcript

International Baccalaureate  IB®

Offered to high school students at locations worldwide.

IB Exams and Augsburg Equivalencies
How to Request Your IB Transcript

College Level Examination Program  CLEP®

Offered to all students at testing centers worldwide.
Students consider CLEP an efficient, affordable option to earn credit for previous work 
or life experience that is not reflected already in their academic credit.

CLEP Tests and Augsburg Equivalencies
How To Request Your CLEP Transcript
Locate A Testing Center Near You
Additional information including test guides and study resources is available from College Board

American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL)

Written and oral language proficiency examinations through Language Testing International. 

Students work with Academic Advising to determine eligibility for these exams.
ACTFL Tests and Augsburg Equivalencies