Crossover Registration


(This policy is approved for the 2015-2016 academic year and is subject to review for the 2016-2017 academic year.)

Undergraduate students are enrolled in a home program (DAY, AU, or WEC) and may register online for fall and spring semester courses outside of their home program based on course availability and subject to the restrictions listed below by program. Students have registration priority in their home program.  Students are charged the tuition rate of their home program for crossover courses.

DAY Program Students
– Are permitted to crossover into WEC courses.
– Pay the overload fee for any credits over 18 in their combined DAY/WEC load each semester.

AU Program Student
– Are permitted to crossover into DAY and WEC courses.

WEC Program Students
– Are permitted to register for DAY and AU courses as soon as their registration windows are open and do not have to wait until Crossover Registration begins.

Crossover Registration Dates*

Fall Semester 2015 Crossover Registration begins April 22, 2015
Spring Semester 2016 Crossover Registration begins December 2, 2015

 *Dates subject to change and are published on the Academic Calendar.