Bonner Leaders Program prepares students for life after Augsburg

Bonner_LeadersAlisha Esselstein ’15 knew she wanted to go to college in a city – any city for that matter.

“I’m from a small town in southwest Wisconsin where the cows outnumber the people,” Esselstein quipped, describing her hometown of Argyle. “I always thought that I wanted to go to a big school, so I applied to UW-Madison, UW-Milwaukee, and the U of M.”

But, Esselstein said she visited Augsburg College for Scholarship Weekend and “just fell in love” with its small feel within a large urban setting. Today she’s a second-year student at Augsburg who has found a balance between her academic pursuits on campus and her desire to grow and learn in the greater Minneapolis community, and she has done so—in large part—through the Bonner Leaders Program. Continue reading “Bonner Leaders Program prepares students for life after Augsburg”