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Media Advisory: Change your brain chemistry to boost happiness

Leading neuropsychologist Rick Hanson speaks Oct. 16


Each of us has the power to change the ways we think in manners that will increase our happiness, improve our resilience, and promote inner calm. Attendees of “Hardwiring Happiness: Turning Passing Experiences into Lasting Inner Strength and Peace” at Augsburg College will learn practical tips and proven methods from a leading, national neuropsychologist during a one-hour presentation that includes time for audience questions.


Rick Hanson is a neuropsychologist and senior fellow of the Greater Good Science Center at University of California, Berkeley. He is an author of numerous books, including the 2013 New York Times bestseller, “Hardwiring Happiness: The New Brain Science of Contentment, Calm, and Confidence.”


11 a.m., Thursday, Oct. 16

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Shedding light on everyday physics experiments

sverdrupDozens—if not hundreds or even thousands—of physics experiments go on every day on the Augsburg College campus. Most of the time, however, no one hears about these experiments. No one knows if the experiments yielded favorable results that can be duplicated. No one knows if the experiments were a waste of time and resources. No one reports the results to anyone, and no one tracks the cost of the experiments.

Yet, each and every day, Augsburg College students conduct physics experiments whenever they cook or prepare food. Harvard University’s David Weitz will make visible the everyday physics taking place during food preparation at the Sverdrup Visiting Scientist lecture. Continue reading “Shedding light on everyday physics experiments”

MLK Convocation celebrates silver anniversary

MLK_Convo_2013Augsburg College will honor the calling of one of the United States’ visionary civil rights leaders on Monday, January 21, by hosting the 25th annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Convocation.

The presentation, “Searching for MLK: A provocative exploration of the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.,” will take place at 1 p.m. in Hoversten Chapel and will include thought-provoking archival images, song, movement, and written excerpts from Dr. King.

“Each year, the Martin Luther King, Jr. Convocation offers us the opportunity to celebrate the life of Dr. King, and—more importantly—reaffirm our community’s commitment to the values associated with his legacy: social justice, peace, and non-violence,” said Mohamed Sallam, director of the Pan-Afrikan Center and Convocation committee chair. Continue reading “MLK Convocation celebrates silver anniversary”

Humanities and Fine Arts Convocation features Dan Phillips

Photo of Dan Phillips
Dan Phillips, founder of the Phoenix Commotion, will speak at Augsburg College.

Dan Phillips has found that uncommon materials, unimpeded creativity, and a unique approach to environmentalism can form a solid footing on which to build a house—and a business.

As this year’s Humanities and Fine Arts Convocation speaker, Phillips will describe his role as a designer, a homebuilder, and the founder of the Phoenix Commotion, a company that constructs beautiful, whimsical houses out of reused or recycled materials.

His presentation, “Recycled Housing: Adventures in Human Sensibilities,” will take place Wednesday, November 7, at 10 a.m. in Hoversten Chapel.

The Phoenix Commotion

Phillips and the Phoenix Commotion have built houses for low-income families out of 90 percent repurposed supplies for more than a decade. In these homes, non-traditional materials marry aesthetic appeal with essential utility: license plates can replace shingles for roof tiles and wine corks can form a mosaic floor covering. Continue reading “Humanities and Fine Arts Convocation features Dan Phillips”

CCHP convocation features Dr. Henry Emmons on ‘The Science of Hope’

Emmons_convoDuring the 2012 Center for Counseling and Health Promotion convocation lectures, Henry Emmons, M.D., will discuss how individuals can restore serenity to their lives and protect themselves from stress.

His first lecture will be held at 10 a.m. on Friday, October 19 in Hoversten Chapel and repeated at noon on Saturday, October 20 in the Chapel.

Emmons’ presentation is titled “The Science of Hope: Blending New Neuroscience and Ancient Wisdom to Sustain a Healthy Mind, Mood, and Heart.” His lecture will outline approaches to cultivating inner calm and joy in a chaotic, contemporary society where stress-related disorders are prevalent. Continue reading “CCHP convocation features Dr. Henry Emmons on ‘The Science of Hope’”

CCHP convocation features Frederic Luskin on forgiveness

cchp_convoThe 2012 Center for Counseling and Health Promotion convocation will feature Frederic Luskin, PhD of Stanford University. The convocation lecture will be held Saturday, February 11 from noon-1 p.m. in Hoversten Chapel, Foss Center. This event is free and open to the public.

Luskin is the director of the Stanford University Forgiveness Projects, a senior consultant in health promotion at Stanford, and a professor of clinical psychology at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology. Currently he also serves as the co-chair of the Garden of Forgiveness Projects at Ground Zero in Manhattan. Continue reading “CCHP convocation features Frederic Luskin on forgiveness”

MLK Convocation features T. Mychael Rambo

mlk_convoThe Augsburg College Martin Luther King Jr. Convocation will feature actor, vocalist, and educator T. Mychael Rambo. The convocation, which also includes performances of poetry, song, dance, and imagery, is titled, “Now is the Time: Giving Voice to the Dream.”

Set against a backdrop of his most memorable speeches, quotations, and historical events from the Civil Rights era, this celebration pays tribute to the life and legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr. through performances from renowned Twin Cities artists and talented members of the Augsburg College community. As part of this event, students from the Southside Family School will also share an excerpt from their world premiere production, “Keeping the Dream Alive.” Hosted and curated by T. Mychael Rambo, this stirring performance will give voice to “the dream” and refresh our resolve to boldly proclaim, that indeed “Now is the time!” Continue reading “MLK Convocation features T. Mychael Rambo”

Meet David Carlyon and the most famous man you’ve never heard of

carlyon_convoLike Stephen Colbert? Love “The Daily Show”? The precursor to these politically minded comics was the 19th-century clown Dan Rice. He was a friend to Abraham Lincoln, influenced Mark Twain, and was a favorite of Walt Whitman. His character served as the model for “Uncle Sam.” Dan Rice was so famous in his day, he even ran for President!

The Humanities & Fine Arts Convocation speaker David Carlyon is the author of Dan Rice: The Most Famous Man You’ve Never Heard Of. Carlyon examines the life of Dan Rice, the 19th-century icon who lived at the intersections of art and politics, pop culture and celebrity, with revealing points of comparison for our own times.

The convocation will take place on Wednesday, Oct. 26 at 10am in Hoversten Chapel. Admission is free. A book signing will follow. Continue reading “Meet David Carlyon and the most famous man you’ve never heard of”

2011 Homecoming Awards

homecoming_awardsThis morning at the 2011 Homecoming Convocation, Augsburg recognized the achievements and dedication of four alumni and two Augsburg faculty members. Congratulations to Adam Seed ’01, Norma Noonan, Arlin Gyberg, Wayne Jorgenson ’71, Corky Hall ’71, and Judith Schaubach ’68.

First Decade Award

Adam Seed ’01 [top left]

Adam has been called a man of honor, compassion, and service who lives the mission of Augsburg. After graduating from the Augsburg StepUP® program, Adam completed his bachelor’s degree at Brown University. Over and over again, he has given back to the Augsburg community where he once worked on the grounds crew not just financially but also personally and professionally. Continue reading “2011 Homecoming Awards”

The Art of Learning

lor_convocationAt Tuesday’s opening convocation, Day student body president Houa Lor ’13 challenged students to practice three art forms—habits in the art of learning that can help students succeed. An excerpt from his speech follows:


Most of you have been reading for a long time now, but this first advice is not your typical magazine or newspaper read. I am referring to the reading that requires you to find the main point and supporting details in a particular passage. Sounds easy? Because it is. But for me, it was much more of a struggle than anything…. The difficulty was not comprehension, but rather the lack of focus that was put into it. It is easy to quickly read an assigned chapter, close the book and go do something else. I am sure this is familiar to some of you. Continue reading “The Art of Learning”