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Media Consent Form

Members of the Media

Augsburg is a private campus. Permission is required to enter the campus for the purpose of news purposes, including for interviews, video and/or photography of students, faculty, and staff. Please contact the News and Media Services staff to request access to the campus for news purposes, including photography and video. If you do not have permission to be on campus, you may be asked to leave. Direct sports information requests to the Sports Information Director.

Members of the Augsburg Community

Members of the Augsburg community (staff, faculty, students) who plan to take photos for departmental publications (print or electronic), webcast, broadcast, or for any form of advertising or publicity should get signed permission from the subjects.

Each student who is recognizable in a photograph or video, or other image for use in print or electronic publication, should sign a release form that provides Augsburg permission to use the student’s image. A parent or guardian must sign for students younger than 18 years of age.

Much of campus is considered a common space unless a space has been reserved for an internal event, an event has been registered for alcohol service, or a space is reserved by an outside entity for a meeting. Public spaces where consent forms generally are not needed include:

  • Augsburg-hosted events (speakers, celebrations, etc.) in Hoversten Chapel, Oren Gateway Center, Sateren Auditorium, the Commons, and other locations.
  • Augsburg-hosted sporting events whether in Kennedy Center, the Dome, Parade Stadium, or other venues.
  • The Quad and other outdoor common spaces on campus.
  • Events that take place on public property, such as public parks and/or sidewalks, generally can be photographed without legal repercussion.

Third-party release forms are not required to take photos or video of celebrities, elected officials, or public officials who visit campus. In addition, release forms usually are not required for image use in news photographs (including campus newspaper or television coverage), at events in common spaces such as sporting events, campus rallies, and events open to the public regardless of location such as concerts.

Permission is required to photograph or record students in Private Spaces including:

  • Center for Wellness and Counseling
  • Campus Ministry Offices
  • Classrooms in Active Use
  • Gage Center Rooms in use by Gage Staff
  • Library Study Rooms.
  • Locker Rooms
  • Residence Halls
  • Restrooms
  • StepUP Office Suite

Students should be given ample notice and opportunity to opt out of any photograph or filming sessions in these spaces, and all such activities closely should be coordinated with the appropriate departmental faculty and staff.

 Completed forms should be returned to:

Augsburg University Marketing and Communication Office

Anderson Residence Hall

Suite 25

2211 Riverside Avenue

Minneapolis, MN 55454