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Thank you for your interest in taking photographs and/or filming on the Augsburg campus in Minneapolis. We are proud of our campus and its location in the heart of Minneapolis.

To help ensure privacy and security, and to reduce the potential disruption of campus activities, the University has established guidelines to clarify the responsibilities and rights of guests wishing to photograph and/or film on campus. For simplicity, any reference to photography on this web page includes all forms of film, video, digital imaging, and any associated audio recordings. All entities must follow this process to obtain permission for all forms of media mentioned above. In addition, a detailed contract and proof of insurance also are required prior to filming or photography. These policies apply to those seeking permission for commercial, non-profit, and personal uses by alumni and others.

If film and video producers, directors and their crew wish to use University property to produce films, television shows, movies, commercials, and other media, the University will make its decision based upon the following procedural criteria.

Following please find information about:

These guidelines have been developed to clarify the process that must be followed to obtain permission for all of the above.

At this time, use of drones, unmanned aerial craft, and/or unmanned aircraft are prohibited.

Filming/Photography Requests

All those who request an Augsburg filming permit must complete a permit application and contract a minimum of 30 days prior to preferred dates.

The completed application and script are subject to committee review and, if approved, the process of identifying specific sites, dates, and times can begin.

If an agreement is reached between Augsburg and the requestor on sites, dates, and times, a binding contract will be executed between the requestor and Augsburg.

The contract includes a range of clauses intended to make clear the acceptable uses of University property (physical and intellectual), define responsibility and liability, identify fees and costs, and more.

While Augsburg understands and values the impact of the film industry on the state’s economy, as well as the opportunity to be considered as a site for film/video/photography, the first priority of Augsburg is to the education and safety of Augsburg students, and the work of its faculty and staff, and its obligation to its neighbors.

Fees and Permits

Permit fees and location fees are based on a number of variables. The length of the shoot, locations involved, the type of production and types of Augsburg services needed are considered in the total cost.

In certain, limited instances, a permit may be issued and a fee waiver may be granted for uses such as public service announcements.

Fees are based upon half- and whole-day rates. A half-day is any day that is four hours or fewer. A whole day is any day that is between four and eight hours. Requests for days longer than eight hours occasionally will be considered.

  • Agreement Fee: $500
  • Half Day (4 hours or fewer): $1,000
  • Full Day (4-8 hours): $2,250
  • More than 8 hours (per/hour rate): $250

Categories and Discounts

  • Commercial: All filming and photography for sale or profit, or for use of promoting a product, service, or business, will be charged according to the fee schedule above. Commercial filming includes theatrical motion pictures, shorts, television and cable programming, commercials, etc.
  • Non-Profit: Non-profit projects may request a 25 percent discount on the above rates. Any location, parking, or additional fees will be charged in full.
  • Businesses Contracted with Augsburg may request a 50 percent discount on the above rates. Any location, parking, or additional fees will be charged in full.
  • Personal Filming and Photography (for individuals not associated with the University) for personal projects, weddings, portfolios, etc., will be charged a $100 processing fee and $25 for each hour. Any location, parking, or additional fees will be charged in full.
  • Augsburg Alumni: Filming for commercial purposes will receive a 50 percent discount. Filming for personal projects, defined above, will be charged a $100 processing fee and $25 per hour. Any location, parking, or additional fees will be charged in full for these purposes.
  • Students: Filming by students for current and official courses at Augsburg do not require a film agreement or filming fee. This filming should not, however, be used for commercial purposes after the fact and the filmmaker must be mindful of all legal, copyright, and other issues impacting the work.
  • Augsburg Work for Hire: This policy does not apply to third parties hired by Augsburg to film for Augsburg purposes.
  • Augsburg Athletic Contests: This policy does not apply to photographers and videographers who are officially credentialed by MIAC and are acting in accordance with the MIAC Photography Policy and NCAA Bylaw Questions about athletic contests should be directed to the university Sports Information Director.

Location Fees

Location fees are charged per day and vary depending upon the room, facility, or area that is requested. Location fees are based upon the actual rental fees for campus facilities and are dependent upon availability.

These location fees do not include fees for University services such as:

  • Department of Public Safety
  • Parking
  • Facility services, or
  • Any other university services.

University Identification and Use of Proprietary Images

No identification of Augsburg as a location or its trademarks or copyrighted information is permitted, except in rare instances, and only when the specific use is submitted for approval.

The request will only be approved when it is deemed to be in the University’s best interests.

Identification includes, but is not limited to, trademarks, copyrighted images, icons, recognizable Augsburg landmarks, and the use of merchandise containing trademarked images/logos (ie. flags, apparel, posters, miscellaneous items containing logo, etc.). Identification also includes verbal references on film.


Once the script/storyboard is approved, a shooting schedule will be finalized and approved. The need for University services, if any, will be reviewed. If applicable, these services will be estimated and attached to a binding contract.

For shoots in which these additional services are not needed, the University has the option to issue a Permit for Film/Video instead of a Location Agreement.


The University requires the following, minimum insurance by the requestor for most situations:

  • Commercial General Liability: $1 Million per occurrence, $3 Million aggregate, AUGSBURG endorsed as an additional insured
  • Auto Liability: $1 Million per occurrence for “any autos”
  • Workers’ Compensation: statutory benefits applicable in the State of Minnesota
  • Volunteer Accident: $50,000 per Volunteer / $500,00 Aggregate; Coverage should be primary

Proof of insurance is required no fewer than seven days prior to filming and must name as additional insureds: Augsburg, the Board of Regents, its officers, employees, agents, and its volunteers.

Public and Private Campus Spaces

Much of campus is considered an Augsburg common space unless a space has been reserved for an internal event, an event has been registered for alcohol service, or a space is reserved by an outside entity for a meeting. Public spaces generally include:

  • Augsburg-hosted events (speakers, celebrations, etc.) in Hoversten Chapel, Oren Gateway Center, Sateren Auditorium, the Commons, and other locations.
  • Augsburg-hosted sporting events whether in Kennedy Center, the Dome, Parade Stadium, or other venues.
  • The Quad and other outdoor common spaces on campus.
  • Events that take place on public property, such as public parks and/or sidewalks, generally can be photographed without legal repercussion.

Third-party release forms are not required to take photos or video of celebrities, elected officials, or public officials who visit campus. In addition, release forms usually are not required for image use in news photographs (including campus newspaper or television coverage), at events in common spaces such as sporting events, campus rallies, and events open to the public regardless of location such as concerts.

Permission is required to photograph or record students in Augsburg Private Spaces including:

  • Center for Wellness and Counseling
  • Campus Ministry Offices
  • Classrooms in Active Use
  • Gage Center Rooms in use by Gage Staff
  • Library Study Rooms.
  • Locker Rooms
  • Residence Halls
  • Restrooms
  • StepUP Office Suite

Payments and Deposits

The University has the option to require a deposit before a permit will be granted. This deposit is to be received no less than seven days prior to the beginning of the first day of filming. Full payment for all costs incurred is due within 30 days of the date of the final invoice. Payment is made to:

Accounts Payable
Attn: Filming/Photography Agreement
Campus Box 308
Science Hall, Suite 148
2211 Riverside Ave.
Minneapolis, MN 55454


If written notice of cancellation for an approved permit or agreement is received before the production begins, then the production is liable for any actual costs and location fees for any loss of rental income of space incurred by the University as of the receipt of the cancellation notice.

The University shall have the right of cancellation if the Agreement holder is deemed insolvent or, in the University’s sole opinion, shall fail to perform any material term in the Agreement after having received written notice from the University to do so.

Script Review

A copy of the final script must be submitted with the application. The review process can take up to ten (10) working days.

Download a Permit Application

Completed permit applications and a full script should be submitted to the Marketing and Communications Department a minimum of 30 days prior to preferred dates. Completed applications and scripts can be submitted electronically or via mail at:

Augsburg University
Marketing and Communications Department
Attention: Filming Permits/Director of News and Media Services
Campus Box 145
25G Anderson Hall
2211 Riverside Ave.
Minneapolis, MN 55454

Download a form-based PDF application


Questions can be directed to Rachel Farris, director of public relations and internal communication, at