Sharpening her healthcare leadership skills

willaertAbby Willaert is using her education to end childhood obesity by educating mothers about nutrition.

Willaert is a third-year student in the physician assistant program at Augsburg. This summer she was selected as one of 50 participants to attend the Paul Ambrose Scholars Symposium presented by the Association for Prevention Teaching and Research. The program brought together leaders representing various areas in health care to help them gain a deeper understanding of the complexities and perspectives of public health and to give them the resources to affect change in their communities.

“Public health has always been an interest of mine,” said Willaert, who worked for the Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) program before she went to graduate school. “That’s where I got interested in public health and nutrition,” she said. She saw the Ambrose program as an opportunity to combine her interests in public health and medicine. Continue reading “Sharpening her healthcare leadership skills”