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What is Navigate?

Navigate is EAB’s (formerly the Education Advisory Board) student success software that guides students through the Augsburg experience. It allows staff and faculty to fully support a student by creating a coordinated care network. It will be fully implemented in throughout the 2022-2023 academic year.

Note: We recommend you use Firefox for your web browser while using Navigate for screen readers.

Student FAQs

What can students do on Navigate?

  • Access to-do lists to be successful at Augsburg.
  • Make appointments with student services and professors.
  • Access lists of campus resources.
  • Easily contact advisors & faculty mentors.

How should student access Navigate?

Can students sync Navigate appointments to their google calendars?

They should be able to do this from the mobile app, but will need to do appointments.

  • From the Navigate mobile app, select To-Dos.
  • Select the appointment.
  • Select “Add to Calendar.

Staff & Faculty FAQs

What can staff and faculty do on Navigate?

  • Communicate with students to help support them.
  • Submit alerts/referrals, so the appropriate support can reach out to the student.
  • Submit progress reports so your students can receive timely feedback and support they need.
  • Reach out to students that are at-risk for struggling to reach their goals.

What should I do?

Log into the website through AugNet Services and start becoming familiar with the website. You should also start reviewing the training materials below.

Can my department start scheduling appointments in Navigate?

Yes, thought it will take some set up. Please submit this form to start the process.


Syncing Your Google Calendar

Adding Office Hours


Ad-Hoc Alerts/Referrals Guide

Progress Reports Guide

Cases Guide

Faculty Quick Start Guide

Staff Quick Start Guide

Updates on Issues/Ideas

Navigate Issues/Ideas

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