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Augsburg Alumni Spotlight

We continue this week with our profile of Alumni from the Augsburg PA class of 2020.

Bo LaFountaine PA in a medical office
Bo LaFountaine, PA-C


This week we have interviewed Bo LaFountaine, PA-C.

Bo is a 2020 graduate of the Augsburg PA program. She works in the Twin Cities area where she is currently in transition from Pain and Addiction Medicine to Emergency Medicine. 

We asked her a few questions about her continued involvement with Augsburg, working as a PA, and her time at Augsburg. 

What attracted you to Augsburg, and keeps you connected with the University?

Augsburg was one of the most competitive PA programs with very high pass rates on its boards, and I knew the education provided through Augsburg’s PA program would equip me well for life as a practicing PA. I had an incredible experience; my cohort was very close and I made some of my closest life-long friends through this program. Many Augsburg Alumni taught and mentored me and continuing to give back to the student community allows me to pay it forward for the future PAs. 

What type of setting do you work in?

I currently work in the Twin Cities, and am amidst a transition from Pain and Addiction Medicine to Emergency Medicine at two large Hospitals in the Cities–it is my dream job!

Why did you decide to choose your area of medicine?

From a young age I knew I wanted to be in medicine, helping as many people as I possibly can. Emergency medicine allows us to prevent further illness and injury and even the unique ability to save lives. I thrive in a fast paced and chaotic environment; however, I value a team-oriented approach to patient centered care. I have been fortunate enough to find a team that shares my values and is invested in my growth and development.

What was a major challenge in your first year?

COVID! An unprecedented time for everyone, particularly those in healthcare. Everyone was adjusting and the steep learning curve transitioning from a student to a practicing PA was incredibly humbling. But, that’s why we pursue medicine, to remain humble and continue learning. 

What tips do you have for students on applying and interviewing for their first job?

Money does not equal happiness. As a new grad, finding a team that you are comfortable approaching with questions and concerns is of the utmost importance. This allows for you to continue learning, avoid harmful mistakes, and shape your practice. Remain confident in yourself and your training, but also remain humble. 

What activities do you enjoy in your spare time?

I enjoy spending time with family and friends, traveling (Pre-COVID my goal was to hit 30 countries by 30 years old), eating wonderful food, and knitting–during PA school I knitted ~200 hats! 

Do you have a favorite Augsburg PA memory you wish to share?

The people. The class of 2020 was a great cohort. We LOVED having potlucks, gathering and taking a respite from the chaos–together. We were a group that supported each other and cheered at each other successes. The academic phase of PA school was intense, and what I remember most are the friends that I made and all of the countless hours we spent together studying.

Is there anything else you wish to share?

For those applying to PA school, do not be discouraged! it only takes ONE school to say yes. Be authentically you, and the right school will choose you.