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Financial Aid, Insurance and Tuition

The cost per credit for the PA Program cohort starting in May 2022 is $897 per credit (Graduate tuition)

Tuition costs per credit are not fixed and may increase slightly each year. The program requires 111 total credits to graduate. Total course fees are estimated to be $3,500 in addition to tuition. For financial assistance information visit Augsburg’s Graduate Financial Aid.

Credits Taken Per Year (Starting in 2022)

Year Credits
First 62
Two 33-34*
Three 16

*dependent on Master’s Project


Clinical Phase Expenses

Based on national averages for room, board, and travel costs during clinical rotations it is recommended that students budget an additional $5000-$7,000 for the second year of PA training.

Books, Laptop and Medical Equipment

These costs are estimated to be at least $2,500.

Health Insurance

All PA students are required to obtain and maintain their own health insurance coverage throughout their enrollment in the Augsburg University Department of Physician Assistant Studies. PA students may be required to provide proof of health insurance upon request by individual clinical sites. Augsburg University does not offer a student health insurance plan, however, information regarding carriers who offer student rates can be found at the Center for Wellness and Counseling. All costs related to personal health care are the responsibility of the student.

PA Enrollment Deposit $1000 in two scheduled payments (non-refundable)

The enrollment deposit is required of all new PA students after acceptance and is credited to the student’s account to be applied to their first-semester tuition.

Payments and Financial Aid

Prior to the start of each semester, a statement of estimated charges and anticipated financial aid credits is mailed to students. For information on financial aid, payment plans, tuition refunds, and withdrawal from college, contact the Enrollment Center.

Please reference here for REFUNDS for tuition and fees

Elective International Experiences

There is additional cost associated with the master’s project international experience.  Students who choose this as their option for the written master’s project can expect to pay between $2000- $5000 in addition to standard PA course tuition. Costs change dependent upon the market, international site and length of stay.

There is additional cost associated with the elective international clinical rotation. Students can expect to pay between $2000- $5000 in addition to standard PA course tuition. Costs change dependent upon the market, international site and length of stay.


The PA program has created the following information guide to assist you in funding resources. This list is not comprehensive but offers some ideas in financing your PA education.



Federal Student Aid

Financial assistance including federal loans is available to degree-seeking students enrolled full-time in the program. Students considering borrowing loans should complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid.

Augsburg University Resources

For complete information about loans and payment plans, visit the Student Financial Services website or contact them via email and phone:




Augsburg Student Resources

Augsburg provides students with a range of financial resources including money for textbooks, caps and gowns, housing, and more. These resources – the Auggie Basics – can all be found on the site.

Grad students can apply for funds from the Emergency Fund, and receive up to $200 to go towards any necessary expenses.


Augsburg Tuition Grant Programs 

Augsburg Alumni Grant – Augsburg University graduates receive a grant of $80 per credit. 

AmeriCorps Grant/Peace Corps/Lutheran Volunteer Corps Grant Students who have served with AmeriCorps, Peace Corps, or Lutheran Volunteer Corps receive a grant of $80 per credit. 

Legacy Grant – Students who have had parents, grandparents, siblings or a spouse who received their degree from Augsburg University receive $80 per credit. 

Military Grant – Students who have served in the United States Military receive a grant of $80 per credit. 

Parent Grant – Parents who have a child attending Augsburg University receive a grant of $80 per credit

See the full list on the Tuition Grant Programs Page


Augsburg Endowed Scholarships

Endowed scholarships are awarded in the Spring semester. The number of available scholarships and award amounts vary yearly.  All enrolled PA students are eligible to apply and will be notified of the application and award process by department staff.

Scholarship Resources 

AAPA student scholarships

National Health Service Corps Scholarships 

PFC Roger W. Cummins Memorial/Veterans Caucus Scholarship 

This scholarship is for PA students who are navy or marine veterans, spouses, or children. 

Minnesota Academy of Physician Assistant (MAPA) Scholarships; for students in their first year of a PA program 

Physician Assistants in Orthopedic Surgery offers two $500 scholarships from the Susan Lindahl Memorial Scholarship Fund, to encourage PA students to enter the field of orthopedics.  


Loan Forgiveness 

Minnesota Health Care Loan Forgiveness Programs 

National Health Service Corps Loan Repayment Program 

Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program 

Indian Health Service Loan Forgiveness Program