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Alumni Education Verification


Program Verification: University Seal Required

Contact: Registrar’s Office

Note: The PA Program is not able to provide documentation that requires the Augsburg University Seal.

All paperwork requests that require the Augsburg University Seal should be submitted directly to the Augsburg University Registrar’s Office.
Phone: 612-330-1036
Fax: 612-330-1425

Mailing Address

2211 Riverside Avenue, Campus Box 71
Minneapolis, MN 55454

Program Verification: Program Director Signature

Contact: Augsburg PA Program

Please email any state licensure or credentialing forms that do not require university seal directly to

Your request will be completed within 4 business days.
Phone: 612-330-1388
Fax: 612-330-1757

Mailing Address

2211 Riverside Avenue, Campus Box 149
Minneapolis, MN 55454

Official Transcript

Contact: Registrar’s Office

The PA Department does not issue transcripts.

To request a copy of your official transcript visit the Online Registrar’s Office.