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Scholarship Spotlight: Dr. Kristofer and Mrs. Bertha E. Hagen Scholarship

 Ronald ToledoWe wish to congratulate Ronald Toledo, Class of 2023, for being awarded the Dr. Kristofer and Mrs. Bertha E. Hagen Scholarship! This award was established to support students who plan to volunteer or practice in medically underserved communities throughout the world and within the United States.

Ronald was born and raised in Cuba where he experienced the lack of access and resources to meet basic healthcare needs.  He moved to the US nine years ago for better opportunities for his family.  Ronald is dedicated to giving back to Hispanic and other underserved communities as a PA.

“There is a significant healthcare gap in access to healthcare, leading to poor health outcomes for the Hispanic population. I aspire to be an advocate for future patients from underserved populations to ensure they receive the healthcare they need and deserve, ultimately being a PA that contributes to decreasing long-standing gaps for social determinants of health.”

Ronald embodies the mission of the Augsburg PA Program so we are proud to award him this scholarship.