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Registration FAQ

What’s the difference between a drop and a withdrawal?

Drop: A course is dropped from your active courses – it never appears on your transcript and is not applied to your credit total for financial aid purposes.

Withdraw:  A course is given a grade of W (withdrawn) when you withdraw after the drop deadline and before the last day to withdraw. Withdrawals negatively impact credit completion rate but do not negatively impact the grade point average.

See the drop or withdraw deadlines in the Academic Calendar or look in Records & Registration’s Active Courses.

When do I register for classes?

You can locate your next Registration Date & Time on the dashboard of AugNet Service’s Records & Registration.

Who can I meet with to plan my registration?

First-year students are required to meet with their academic advisor for the first two terms. All other undergraduate students are required to meet with their faculty mentor.

Where can I find my grades?

You can locate your official final grades (not on Moodle!) on the Final Grades tab of AugNet Service’s Records & Registration.

How do I request a transcripts?

Official: You can request an official transcript on the Official Transcript Request tab of AugNet Service’s Records & Registration.

Unofficial: You can print out an unofficial transcript on the Unofficial Transcripts tab of AugNet Service’s Records & Registration.

What planning tools can I use to prepare for my registration?

Weekly Course Planner (PDF)

Long Term Planner (PDF)