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Classroom Renovations Spring 2018

The Physician Assistants Studies program will begin renovations on two of our classroom spaces during the spring semester. We are excited about this opportunity to design and innovate new learning spaces for our students. The renovations will allow for greater room and flexibility to engage in cooperative group learning activities and discussions. This enlarged space will be especially helpful as we continue to welcome increased class sizes in the years ahead.

While the construction is taking place, staff and faculty will be remaining in their respective offices at Northwestern Hall. Students will be temporarily attending their classes in Olson Campus Center. Currently, the program’s exam room is located at Olson Campus Center. The specific start and end date of the construction is yet to be determined. Please pay attention to signs on campus directing visitors to appropriate meeting spaces. As more information is made public, we will keep the program page and Facebook page updated.

On behalf of faculty, staff and students, we appreciate your patience as work through this process. We can’t wait for you to see the finished project!