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Preceptor Spotlight


Jeremiah Lynch PA-C
Jeremiah Lynch, PA-C


Jeremiah Lynch, PA-C currently practices Family Medicine at North Memorial Health Clinic.Jeremiah has been very involved with Augsburg PA Program. He has participated as a preceptor in educating the next generation of PA’s. We thank him for his continued preceptorship in educating our students.For our preceptor spotlight, we asked Jeremiah to tell us a little about himself, his work as a PA, and about his time in the Augsburg PA Program.

Journey in Medicine

I graduated from the Augsburg PA program in December 2015, and I immediately started working in family medicine for a small independent practice. It was a great way to start out, and I was given a lot of time and flexibility to develop my abilities. Our practice was purchased by a large health system, but I’ve stayed in the same position for the last 6 years. During this time I spent some time with occupational medicine, but predominantly provided primary care. Our patients tend to be older with many immigrants. I also work for the Minnesota Army National Guard as a PA and have deployed to staff a clinic in the desert.

Augsburg PA Program

Augsburg’s PA program had a very good attitude about how to treat their students.  Once you were part of the program, they did everything they could to help you and enhance your abilities.  Although I do not know exactly what their selection criteria were, they constructed classes with a variety of different backgrounds from different parts of medicine, different age groups, and different life experiences. This allowed us to learn from each other in a powerful way. Everyone I graduated with was an intellectually curious and thoughtful person.


Choosing to Precept

I was interested in becoming a preceptor at my job to give students the best experience they can get before graduating.  I had many instructors and preceptors who were very generous in sharing their time with me to make me a better PA.  I would simply like to continue that tradition. However, I learn so much from the students who come through here that the benefit to my practice is noticeable. I have improved some of my documentation and operating procedures based on my experience with students.
In my job I have been a preceptor for almost exclusively Augsburg students and I have always been impressed with how much medical knowledge they have and how ready they are to use it.


Advice for Those Considering a Career in Medicine

Any advice I could give about careers in medicine might already be out of date as things change so rapidly. All I can say is that the job I chose gave me great experience and made me love going to work in the morning. I looked for a position based mostly on my belief that it would continue to educate me, and that management was interested in developing their providers.


Alternate Paths

It’s hard to imagine working in any other career, as I’ve been a phlebotomist, morgue attendant, and clinical lab scientist before becoming a PA. However, I do fantasize about an alternate timeline where I wrote role-playing games in the 1990s.



Outside of work I enjoy playing board, video, and role-playing games. I like hiking, camping, and some fishing.

We hope you enjoy our preceptor articles. We are always looking for preceptors and mentors to assist our future PA’s in their education.


Clinical instructors are a key ingredient in educating the next generation of PAs. The clinical training of PA students follows the medical student training, including the “see one, do one” approach for clinical procedures. PA clinical education includes core rotations in family medicine, internal medicine, pediatrics, behavioral health, women’s health, general surgery, and emergency medicine. We are also open to specialty rotations as each student is able to complete an elective. If you would like to participate in the clinical education of PA students, please fill out the form.


Augsburg PA is excited to launch a mentoring program matching community PAs with second year PA students! Second-year students have transitioned from their didactic year into clinical education. There are multiple reasons why a student may be interested in having a mentor: networking with the professional community, tips on transitioning into their first job, learning more about a specific field, etc. If you are willing to share your experience and knowledge with a second year student, please complete the Become a PA Mentor form. The program will work to match you with a student. Once matched, the mentor and mentee will set their schedule. Please know that if you are not placed with a student right-away, we will keep you on our list for the following cohorts.