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Convocation Schedule

All students, faculty, and staff are invited to attend Convocation. This page lists the Convocation schedule, as well as adjustments in course schedules on Convocation days. You can find more information on the Convocation Series website.

Fall Semester 2018

Date TBD – Christensen Symposium

Class Schedule TBD

Date TBD – Center for Wellness and Counseling Convocation

Class Schedule TBD

Date TBD – Humanities and Fine Arts Convocation

Class Schedule TBD

Spring Semester 2019

Date TBD – Batalden Seminar in Applied Ethics

Class Schedule TBD

February 26 (Tuesday) – Assessment Day

Class Schedule:

1st Period      7:50-9:10 (instead of 7:50-9:30)
2nd Period     9:20-10:40 (instead of 9:40-11:20)
Assessment   10:50-12:50
3rd Period      1:00-2:20 (instead of 12:00-1:40)
4th Period      2:30-3:50 (instead of 1:50-3:30)
5th Period      4:00-5:20 (instead of 3:40-5:20)

Date TBD – Koryne Horbal Lecture

Class Schedule TBD

April 15 (Monday) – Sverdrup Program and Zyzzogeton

1st Period 8:00-8:50 (instead of 8:00-9:10)
2nd Period 9:00-9:50 (instead of 9:20-10:30)
Sverdrup Convocation 10:00-11:00
3rd Period 11:10-12:00 (instead of 11:10-12:20)
4th Period 12:10-1:00 (instead of 12:30-1:40)
5th Period 1:10-2:00 (instead of 1:50-3:00)
6th Period 2:10-3:00 (instead of 3:10-4:20)
Zyzzegeton Research Symposium 3:00-4:30
7th Period 4:30-5:40