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New Year, New Space

Although this August was the formal relocation period of the Augsburg PA Program, we are settling into our new space and have welcomed campus to check us out. Earlier this month, we hosted an open house for visitors to tour our space and speak with staff and faculty. Our new home is in Riverside Plaza with student space occupying the majority of the lower level and administrative offices located on the fifth floor. As a program, students have one central location in addition to staff and faculty being in the same shared space. We have a few spaces available for conferences including a large conference suite on the lower floor to host departmental meetings. Students have a dedicated lounge space equipped with lockers and an ancillary study room.

.Geometric triangle black and white wallpaper on left hand wall. Moveable desks line left wall. Student lounge with lockers on right wall. Lower and upper cabinets are in background.

Reception area featuring two lobby chairs against a maroon wall with Augsburg University metal artwork. Chairs are framed by floor lamps

The clinical skills lab expanded in size from 10 to 13 exam bays plus an 2 simulated hospital bays. This expanded footprint allows for easier noise and temperature control, especially when we have at times 45 individuals moving around. There is plenty of cabinet and storage space to keep lab supplies secure and accessible. Our History & Physical Exam course has integrated SonoSim ultrasound into the curriculum and will be implement live ultrasound instruction during the 2020 spring semester. Special thanks to Courtney Perry for her wonderful photography!

Clinical skills lab room showing two exam tables framed by two grey curtains Two hospital exam bays with two hospital beds

Students look onward as instructor demonstrates ENT exam classroom with long desks and desk chairs