Meeting with Disability Specialists

Expectations for Meetings

  • All first-year and new transfer students should meet regularly with their Specialist (usually once a week or once every other week).
  • Returning students should meet with their Specialist as soon as possible after classes start to schedule the appointment times that best meet their needs.
  • If you are unable to keep your appointment or will be late, please call the front desk at (612) 330-1053 to reschedule.
  • If you are late to an appointment, you may have to reschedule.
  • Repeated No-Shows may mean that your Specialist will ask you to schedule a new regular appointment time.
  • CLASS works with a large number of students and as a result, may not be able to address your concerns immediately. We will act on your requests as soon as we can make an informed decision about the situation, and we will consult with you as soon as possible.

CLASS Accommodations Plan

The Accommodations Plan represents possible accommodations for which a student may be eligible, contingent on the documentation they have provided. Actual accommodations may vary by class, subject matter or specific course requirements. It is valid for only one semester, which means that, if you wish to receive accommodations, you must meet with your Specialist at the start of every semester to fill out new paperwork.

Activities for Appointments

  • Checking in on effectiveness of academic accommodations
  • Disability documentation
    • empowering you to understand the implications of the disability
    • determining if you need additional assessment
  • Academic strategies
    • studying and test-taking
    • notetaking
    • college-level classroom etiquette
    • writing
  • Coursework
    • clarifying assignments
    • mapping out a timeline to complete assignments
    • “brainstorming” and other pre-assignment activities
    • evaluating why an assignment is not going well and helping you figure out the next steps to take
  • Time management and organization
    • using a planner
    • organizing notebooks and binders
  • Communication with professors
    • planning how to approach professors or scripting what to say
    • help in contacting professors
    • modeling appropriate communication skills
  • Academic advising
  • Referrals to other campus services such as:

Accessing accommodations through CLASS