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Textbooks in Alternative Formats

Requesting Alternative-format Textbooks

Alternative Format Textbooks are textbooks created in an electronic format for students to read using reading assistive technology software programs. Files for these textbooks come in a variety of formats. If you are a student who qualifies for textbooks in this format, please follow the steps below to request textbooks in an alternative format:

  1. Click on the AIM Database link (must be signed into Inside Augsburg)
  2. Check-box the class(es) for the term you want to use alternative format books
  3. Click the button: “Continue to customize your accommodations”
  4. Check the box for E-text and Submit (repeat for each class you need your textbooks in an alternative format)
  5. Once requested, book files will be released to your Google Drive folder once proof of purchase (receipt for your book(s)) has been received by the CLASS Office. Please email your receipt or proof of purchase to the CLASS Office at or bring in a physical copy of the receipt into the CLASS Office to have it copied. You can also review the free resources listed below to check if your textbooks are available in an electronic format for free.

Please note:

  • Your Specialist or the CLASS Office staff can help you fill out this request in our database if you are experiencing any issues, or you can view the YouTube Tutorial for Requesting Alternative Format Textbooks.
  • Requests are processed in the order that they are received, but timing can also depend on when textbooks are available from the bookstore and how long it takes us to get authorization from publishers.
  • If you make any changes to your class schedule, please notify us immediately so we can process the correct books for you.
  • If you receive alternative format textbooks directly from the CLASS Office, you must show proof of ownership or purchase.
  • If we can’t get an electronic file of your book through the publisher, the textbook binding will need to be cut for the pages to be scanned and converted into an electronic format.
  • You may not reproduce or share the textbook files that the CLASS Office sends you due to Copyright Law.

Free Resources to Review

There are free resources that students may be able to use for some books. Listed below are a few options to review.

Please note: Textbooks are not guaranteed to be on any of these sites or in the format that may be needed. If you need assistance accessing or reviewing these resources, please email us at


Bookshare is a large online library of electronic formats of textbooks for students with qualified disabilities.

If we determine that you are eligible for a Bookshare account and you are interested in using Bookshare, we can set up a school account for you and then share any books that may be available through Bookshare without needing you to send a copy of a receipt. Alternatively, if you would like to browse books on your own without having to request them through our office first, we can set you up with an individual Bookshare account.

Next Steps

Email us at if you are interested in getting set up with a school or an individual Bookshare account.

Please note: Bookshare does not provide books in a PDF format, so their eBooks may appear different from the physical textbook, but they do work with a variety of reading assistive technologies.

Augsburg Library’s eBook Collection

Browse, download, and view books from Augsburg Library’s eBook collection.

Other Free Resources

Project Gutenberg has a collection of eBooks in a variety of digital formats.

Libby has a collection of audiobooks and eBooks that you can borrow using your local public library card (many STEM based textbooks are not available on Libby).

Check out eLibraryMN’s or Open Library’s eBook collection. These books have a built-in reader with limited customizations.

Assistive Technology

If you are eligible for alternative-format textbooks, please schedule an Assistive Technology meeting via Navigate to explore reading assistive technology options.