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Textbooks in Alternative Formats

Requesting Alternative-format Textbooks

(This only applies if you are eligible for alternative-format textbooks)

  • Request alt-format textbooks once you register for the next semester’s classes. Your Specialist or the Accommodations Team can help you fill out this request in our database.
  • Requests are processed in the order that they are received, but timing can also depend on when textbooks are available from the bookstore and how long it takes us to get authorization from publishers.
  • If you make any changes to your class schedule, please notify us immediately so we can process the correct books for you.
  • Legally, you must own/rent a copy of the book in order to get access to the alternative-format version. If you buy your textbooks, keep your receipt for us as proof of purchase.

Need Help Submitting a Request for Alternative Format Textbooks? YouTube Tutorial for Requesting Alternative Format Textbooks

If we can’t get an electronic file of your book through the publisher, the textbook binding will need to be cut for the pages to be scanned and converted into an electronic format.

Assistive Technology

If you are eligible for alternative-format textbooks, please schedule an Assistive Technology meeting via Navigate to explore reading assistive technology options.