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Assistive Technology

Assistive Technology: What Is It?

Assistive Technology is any device, piece of software, equipment or tool that helps people with disabilities improve, maintain or increase their functional capabilities. Essentially, what tools and software help you do, what you want to do more quickly, easily or independently. Although Assistive Technology has traditionally been developed for people with disabilities, the applicability of much of this technology has been found to be useful to almost all of us at some point throughout our lives.

Many college students with a disability who would qualify for Assistive Technology, don’t know what Assistive Technology is and don’t know there are tools and programs available to support them prior to starting college. Students who have access to these tools and resources prior to starting classes, feel more prepared for their classes, the work, and tasks required of them in a college setting. With this preparedness and training on these technology tools comes increase confidence towards and a more positive outlook on one’s college career.

How to Use This Website:

This website which focuses on Assistive Technology has two parts. First, for students who access services through the CLASS Office, or are prospective students with a disability to Augsburg, a page is dedicated to providing information about the Assistive Technology available to you, should you qualify based upon your disability.

Assistive Technology Available to CLASS Students

If you’re a CLASS Office student or a prospective Augsburg CLASS Office Student, please contact the Assistive Technology & Accommodations Specialist at 612-330-1053 or at to schedule a time to meet.

Free and Low-Cost Assistive Technology

The second part of this page focuses on Free and Low-Cost Assistive Technology that students or individuals on any college campus or point in life may find useful, with majority of the tools being available to anyone, regardless of if you have a disability or not. Many of these tools may help you complete tasks more quickly, easily, or independently.

This website is meant to be a starting point to research Assistive Technology tools. We hope this website serves as a starting point for researching and finding tools and programs that best fit the tasks you need to complete.

We welcome suggestions and feedback on this site, specifically, regarding new software programs and tools that should be added to our site. Please follow our suggestion guideline for Free or Low-Cost Assistive Technology (under approximately $25). Please email suggestions to for additional consideration.

Content created and shared by Augsburg University. To use, please correctly cite Augsburg University CLASS Office. The information on the following pages has been summarized from the applications’ websites and/or from experience testing the applications. We do updates approximately once a year. Please refer to the applications’ websites for the most up to date information.