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CLASS Philosophy: Building independence and skills

CLASS illustrates its commitment to student success at Augsburg by providing those academic services needed to accommodate individuals with learning, attentional, psychiatric or other cognitive-based disabilities, as well as students with physical disabilities and other health concerns including temporary disabilities. The foundation of CLASS, however, is deeply rooted in the promotion of student independence and the personal realization of one’s full potential. Augsburg students who are eligible to receive CLASS services, once admitted, will work one-on-one with a CLASS Disability Specialist. The Specialist will work to provide academic guidance and service-related assistance whenever appropriate. No additional or supplemental fee is required for CLASS services.

CLASS services

To establish your eligibility for services, submit documentation and meet with someone in our office  (see Requesting Accommodations). Appropriate documentation for a cognitive-related disability usually includes a current psychological, psycho-educational or neuro-psychological evaluation. CLASS does not administer evaluations. If your high school has not done or will not do the necessary testing, you may wish to seek out an independent assessment. CLASS maintains a list of assessors in the Twin Cities but accepts documentation from any qualified assessor as long it meets our guidelines.

In some cases, we may ask for a treating clinician to complete and return the Verification of Disability form (see Sources for Documentation) as a supplement to other documentation. If you are unable to download them, these forms can be mailed or faxed to you or your clinician on request. 

You do not need to wait until you have been accepted to the university before determining your eligibility for CLASS services. We will review documentation for any prospective student who has applied for admission to Augsburg. We will contact you about your eligibility once we have reviewed your documentation.

Important Note: The process of establishing your eligibility for CLASS support is unrelated to the process of admission to Augsburg University. No information you provide to CLASS will be passed on to the admissions committee. The Admissions office may provide us with your name and address if you ask them to do so, and may help you arrange a visit with us, but we do not participate directly or indirectly in admissions decisions.

Admission to Augsburg

Students with disabilities are evaluated for admission to Augsburg according to the same criteria and standards as other applicants. Once admitted to the university, students with disabilities complete the same General Education Core Curriculum and must meet the same essential course requirements (with or without reasonable academic accommodations) as students without disabilities. For information about General Education requirements, please visit the Registrar’s page. For information about major requirements, visit the Online Course Catalog.

You do not need to disclose your disability to Admissions, and disability is not taken into consideration in admission decisions. Any documentation of your disability should be sent directly to CLASS and not included with your application to the university. The CLASS mailing address is:


Augsburg University

2211 Riverside Ave, CB#57

Minneapolis, MN 55454.

fax: 612-330-1137

To contact Undergraduate Day-School Admissions, please call (612) 330-1001 or 1(800) 788-5678. You can also visit the Day Admissions website. For information about admission to other programs at Augsburg, follow the Admissions links from the Augsburg homepage.

Other Information about CLASS and Disability resources

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