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Mind Mapping & Brainstorming

The following Free or Low-Cost Assistive Technology programs, software, websites, and apps focus on different forms of Mind Mapping and Brainstorming Support. The information about the following applications has been summarized from the applications’ websites and/or from experience testing the applications. We update this page approximately once a year. Please refer to the applications’ websites for the most up to date information.

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Mind Mapping & Brainstorming


goconqr logo


  • Create mind maps, flowcharts, flashcards, notes, slides, and more
  • Browse user generated mind maps to help create your own
  • Share created content with other people
  • More information: GoConqr Website

Cost: Free or Upgrade for $1.08/month

Compatibility: Online Resource

Inspiration Maps

Inspiration Maps Logo


  • Brainstorm and create mind maps using this app
  • Organize projects to create flow charts
  • Take notes, personalize maps and diagrams, and browse built-in templates
  • More Information: Inspiration Maps Website

Cost: $9.99

Compatibility: iOS: iPad, Mac, iPhone


Lucidchart App logo


  • Browse a selection of charts, diagrams, and more to help get started on a project
  • Collaborate with others and has an option to export to PDF
  • More information: Lucidchart Website

Compatibility: Online Resource, iOS, Android

Cost: Free for limited version and paid individual account also available


Lucidspark app logo


  • Online whiteboard that you can share with others to easily collaborate while brainstorming
  • Includes features such as presentation mode, commenting, drawing, and more
  • More information: Lucidspark Website

Compatibility: Online Resource, iOS, Android

Cost: Free for limited version and paid individual account also available


MindMeister Logo


  • Mind Mapping/Brainstorming tool for use on personal devices and the web
  • Use the program to organize your work and collaborate with other people
  • Create mind maps, notes, lists and plan projects
  • Monthly fee required for full use of software program and features
  • More Information: MindMeister Website

Cost: Free, Personal $5.99/month, or Pro $9.99/month

Compatibility: iOS & Android




  • Includes unlimited mind maps
  • Cloud-Based storage
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Save to Google Drive
  • Distraction-free environment
  • More Information: MindMup Website

Cost: Free or MindMup Personal for $2.99/month

Compatibility: Online Resource


MindNode app logo


  • Brainstorming and mind mapping tool for iOS devices
  • Mind map and outline modes to help organize thoughts and track progress
  • Add visual tags to the mind map and turn on focus mode to reduces distractions with Plus version
  • More Information: MindNode Website

Cost: Free or $2.99/month for Plus

Compatibility: iOS & Mac

SimpleMind Pro – Mind Mapping

SimpleMind App logo


  • Mind mapping tool for organizing and structuring ideas
  • Has a free-form layout with options for personalization
  • Mind maps can link to websites or documents, and users can add images and more
  • SimpleMind’s website also contains instructions for how to get started with mind mapping
  • More Information: SimpleMind Website

Cost: $10.99 for iOS, $8.49 Android, and additional costs apply for Mac and Windows download. There is also a limited free version available.

Compatibility: Mac; Windows; Android; iOS

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