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Assistive Technology Available to CLASS Students

The following assistive technology software programs and devices featured on this page are some of the programs and devices available for loan for students who work with the CLASS Office and qualify for use. Some of these items may be checked out for personal and classroom use. For more information, please contact the CLASS Office at 612-330-1053 or at

Reading/Literacy Support:

Read & Write

ReadWrite Logo


  • Literacy software that supports reading, writing, study skills, and research
  • Toolbar integrates into many popular computer programs including Microsoft Word, Adobe Reader, and web browsers
  • Text-to-Speech, Word Prediction, Mind Mapping, Screen Masking, Dictionaries, and Highlighters are just a few of the almost 25 features
  • Available in the web browser as a chrome extension
  • More Information: Read & Write Website

Compatibility: Windows; Mac; Chrome Extension

Voice Dream Reader

Voice Dream Reader Logo


  • Text-to-speech app to read books with the ability to customize your screen for preferred reading options
  • Read by listening to the text, visually or both at the same time
  • Supports PDF, Word Docs, EPUB, DAISY, eBooks, Web pages and more with the ability to integrate your Bookshare books or books in Dropbox, Evernote, Pocket, Gutenberg and more
  • Includes multiple language options along with various fonts, including Open Dyslexic font, and voices, including the option to purchase additional voices
  • Highlight information in the reading and export it to other programs and apps
  • More Information: Voice Dream Reader Website

Compatibility: iOS; Legere Reader for Android

C-Pen Reader

C-Pen Reader Image


  • Reading pen that reads text out loud with a digital voice
  • Text to speech with a variety of languages to choose from
  • Built-in dictionary
  • Allows for voice memos
  • Transfer scans to PC or Mac
  • More information: C-Pen Reader Website

Compatibility: Standalone device, use PC or Mac to upload books

Victor Reader Stream

Picture of Victor Reader Stream Device


  • Portable book player for DAISY books
  • Download books from Learning Ally and other book libraries
  • Record lectures and listen to these and your books while on the go!
  • Accessible for students with low vision or who are blind, as well as those students with a Print Disability
  • More information: HumanWare Website

Compatibility: Standalone device, use PC or Mac to upload books

Note-taking SUPPORT:

Smart Pens

echo2 smart pen


  • Take handwritten notes and record your lecture using the same device
  • Written notes are synced with the audio recording using specialized notebooks
  • Tap on any written text and listen to your lecture from that exact moment in the lecture or meeting
  • Upload your notes to your computer for playback, and ability to search content
  • More Information: LiveScribe Website

Compatibility: Standalone Device with Supplemental Software for Windows or Mac


Glean logo


  • Type your notes on your computer while syncing a PowerPoint presentation and the audio recording of the lecture together
  • Sync typed notes with audio recording to find corresponding aspects of lecture or notes
  • Additional features include audio transcription, study timer, task list, and more
  • Available as a online web application or a mobile application
  • More Information: Glean Website

Compatibility: Windows: Mac; Chromebook; iOS; Android


Notability Logo


  • Write, type, or annotate using highlighters your notes using the all in one notetaking app
  • Ability to take pictures and audio record with the sound being linked to your notes
  • Use Google Drive, Dropbox and Box to import, export and share documents such as PowerPoints and take notes directly on them
  • Organize all your notes in one place
  • More Information: Notability Website

Compatibility: Mac; iOS: iPad, iPhone logo


  • Live transcription note taking technology
  • Provides keywords, and students can add additional comments and highlights on the transcript
  • Works with Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams
  • More Information: Website

Compatibility: Online Resource; iOS; Android

ScanMarker Air

ScanMarker Air Image


  • Digital Highlighter
  • Scan text directly from print material and uploads through Bluetooth or USB connection to a computer
  • Allows for gathering of print information in a digital format
  • More Information: ScanMarker Air Website

Compatibility: Mac; iOS

Digital Voice Recorders

Pictire of Digital Voice Recorder






  • Record your lectures on a portable device
  • Listen to your lectures on the device or upload them to your computer using the USB cable (included)
  • Folder system allows you to organize recordings by class

Compatibility: Standalone device, upload recordings to PC or Mac (optional)


Dragon Naturally Speaking

Dragon Naturally Speaking Dicate Logo


  • Use Dragon, Speech Recognition Software, to turn your spoken words into text
  • Create documents, emails, surf the web and more by talking to a microphone on your computer
  • Use simple voice commands to execute tasks and control most programs on your computer
  • More Information: Dragon Website

Compatibility: Windows

Google Voice Typing



Compatibility: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android

Digital Math


equatio logo


  • Digital math assistive technology
  • Includes handwriting recognition, text to speech, graph editor, speech input, and more
  • Can be used in a variety of online platforms
  • More information: Equatio Website

Compatibility: Chrome, Windows, Mac

Screen Readers/Magnification Software:




  • Screen Reader and Zooming software
  • Reads aloud what is on the computer screen while zooming in on the computer content
  • More Information: FUSION Website

Compatibility: Windows

JAWS by Freedom Scientific



  • Screen Reader developed for those with vision loss
  • Reads aloud what is on the computer screen
  • Intelligent tools for accessing and navigating webpages and screen content
  • Can be paired with a Refreshable Braille Display for Braille output instead of speech
  • More Information: Jaws Website

Compatibility: Windows




  • Magnification and Screen Reading Software for students with visual impairments
  • Enlarges and enhances text and graphics on a computer screen while keeping clarity intact
  • Works with many popular computer programs and applications
  • Magnifier/Reader version reads text on a computer screen out loud
  • More Information: ZoomText

Compatibility: PC and Mac

Built-In Accessibility:


Windows Logo


  • Personalize your Windows Computer with any of the build-in Accessibility Features to support ease with seeing, hearing, and mobility interactions with computer
  • Features Available Are: Screen Reader/Text-to-Speech (Narrator), Magnification (Magnifier), Keys Commands (Mouse Keys), Speech-to-Text and Voice Control (Speech Recognition), Visual Notification to replace sounds, Keyboard on Screen, Toggle Keys, Adjustable Mouse Settings, High Contrast Schemes, and Ability to Personalize the Appearance of the Computer including text
  • Tutorial Videos Available on the websites below
  • Features with Comparison Chart Website
  • More Information: Microsoft Website

Compatibility: Windows


Apple Logo


  • Personalize your Mac Computer with any of the build-in Accessibility Features to support ease with seeing, hearing, and physical/mobility, literacy interactions with computer
  • Features include: Text-to-Speech (VoiceOver), Zoom, High Contrast, Sticky Keys, Speech-to-Text and Voice Control (Speech Recognition), Word Completion (Word Prediction), and more!
  • More Information: Apple Accessibility Website

Compatibility: Mac

Organizational Tools:




  • Daily, weekly, and monthly organizational planning spaces
  • Assists with tracking schedules and classwork
  • Portable

Compatibility: N/A

Google Suite

G-Suite Logo


  • Apps built into Gmail accounts
  • Includes access to Google Calendar, Tasks, Keep, Docs, Excel, and more
  • Items put into Google Task and Keep can by synched directly to the google calendar to assist with keeping track of items and organizational planning
  • More Information: Google Suite Website

Compatibility: Windows, Mac, IOS, Android

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