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Organization & Task Management

The following Free or Low Cost Assistive Technology software programs are available for anyone to use. The following programs, software, websites, and apps focus on different forms of Organization and Task Management Support.

Organization & Task Management: Logo


  • Manage your life in a simple, clever, and fun way using this to-do list app
  • Synch your tasks on your mobile device and computer or use the Chrome extension to sync with Gmail
  • Use the reminder feature so you never forget what you need to do or where you need to be
  • More Information:

Cost: Free and Premium

Compatibility: iOS: iPad, iPhone, Mac; Android; Chrome Extension; Windows

Bullet Journal App



  • Using the Bullet Journal Method, log tasks and to-do’s
  • Offers a searchable log and reflection tracker to organize and prioritize tasks
  • Includes guides and articles to help you get started
  • More Information:

Cost: $4.99

Compatibility: iOS; Android




  • Task break-down organization
  • Connect tasks to one another for easy navigation
  • Trackable and searchable options for your to-dos
  • More Information:

Cost: Free and $7.99 for pro

Compatibility: Windows; Mac; iOS; Android; Linux

Google Keep

Google Keep Logo


  • A visual bulletin board of post-it notes with reminders and tasks lists
  • Ability to color code your notes, add reminders, and add photos and pictures to your notes
  • Use your Google account to sync this on your computer, tablet, phone and other Google Suite apps
  • More Information:

Cost: Free

Compatibility: Online Resource; Android; iOS

iStudiez Pro

iStudiez Pro Logo


  • Stay organized and on top of all your school work and your schedule with this app
  • Using the built-in planner with alerts and reminders, track tasks, homework, deadlines, meetings, and your grades
  • Sync on all your devices so you’re never without this tool
  • More Information:

Cost: Free with in-app purchases

Compatibility: Windows; Mac; iOS: iPad, iPhone: Android


myHomework Logo


  • Virtual Planner to track your homework, tests, projects, and lessons
  • Set and receive reminders when assignments are due or tests are coming up
  • Set up your class schedule within the app
  • Synch your information with any of the available devices
  • Integrates and works with
  • More Information:

Cost: Free and Premium

Compatibility: Windows; Mac; Chrome Extension; iOS: iPad, iPhone; Android; Kindle


MyStudyLife Logo


  • Create an account to keep track of your school work, assignments, course, schedule and exams
  • Use the dashboard to schedule all your school related work
  • Cross platform allows for access to your organizer wherever, whenever
  • Set reminders to help ensure all your work is done on time
  • More Information:

Cost: Free

Compatibility: iOS; Android; Chrome Extension


Notion Logo


  • One-stop-shop for organizational planning to keep track of all of your daily tasks and schedules.
  • Customizable pages or pre-fabricated organizing templates
  • Notion pages can be shared with others for collaboration or team planning
  • Offered as a desktop, mobile, and web application so you can access Notion anywhere
  • More Information:

Cost: Free for personal or $4 for pro

Compatibility: Web application; Windows; Mac; iOS; Android

Priority Matrix

Priority Matrix Logo


  • Simple interface task management app using methods of time management to help manage priorities
  • Divide your tasks into one of four categories: Critical – Do Now; Critical but Not Urgent; Urgent but Can Be Delegated; Uncategorized
  • App includes visual icons, email reports, master list of daily or weekly action items and more
  • Ability to sync between devices and track your progress
  • More Information:

Cost: Free basic; $8/month Personal; $12/month Pro

Compatibility: Online Resource; Windows; Mac; iOS; Android

Remember the Milk

Remember the Milk Logo


  • Never forget the milk, or any other task using this task/to-do-list
  • Organize your tasks with priorities, subtasks, due date, time estimates, tags, repeating tasks and more
  • Sync tasks on multiple devices and with calendars such as Gmail, Google Calendar, Outlook, iCal, and more!
  • Get email, text or Instant Message Reminders to yourself using their website reminder feature
  • More Information:

Cost: Free and Pro

Compatibility: Online Resource; iOS; Android; Windows; Mac




  • A browser to organize all applications you have
  • Includes a smart dock for quick access to your applications
  • Searchable across applications
  • Enable focus mode to toggle application notifications on and off
  • More Information:

Cost: Free

Compatibility: Chrome Extension




Cost: Free

Compatibility: Chrome Extension

Tile App

tile app Logo


  • Never lose your items with tile
  • Connect your tile to your keys, bike, computer, or anything
  • If you misplace your item, use the app to help you track the item down
  • Tile will ring you to guide you to its location
  • If tile is out of rang, the app will guide you to its last known location
  • More Information:

Cost: ~$25 per tile, less per tile when buying in multipacks; Free app

Compatibility: Standalone device with app compatibility; iOS; Android




  • Sub tasks, notifications, prioritization, reminders, notes, and filters in this all-in-one to-do list
  • Access tasks from anywhere, collaborate on shared tasks, and linked with other apps
  • Streamlined, intuitive design makes it easy to use with templates to get you started
  • More Information:

Cost: Free; premium $3/month

Compatibility: Windows, Mac, Online Resource; iOS; Android




  • Displays tasks and priorities in a creative and collaborative way
  • Customizable boards, lists, and templates to help you organize your to-do lists
  • Ability to track progress for tasks
  • More Information:

Cost: Free

Compatibility: Web application; iOS; Android


Workflowly Logo


  • Organizational tool used to help manage to-do lists, collaborate on projects, take notes, write research papers, journal, even plan and more!
  • Free version allows for 500 items per month
  • Nested layouts, lists, bullets, ability to add dates and other format and layout options
  • Sync between phone, tablet, and computer
  • More Information:

Cost: Free

Compatibility: Windows; Mac; iOS; Android

To download a printable copy with live links of the list of Free and Low Cost Assistive Technology for Organizational Tools, please click on the following link: Organizational & Time Management AT

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