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Exam Scheduling

Before You Can Test

In order to receive accommodations from the CLASS office, you must connect with your Specialist at the start of every term to discuss your Accommodations Plan and have them email your professors.

Scheduling exams

A CLASS Test Proctor Request must be completed in our AIM database for every test or quiz you want to take in the Groves Lab. Here are the steps to requesting your exam online

  1. Log-in to Inside Augsburg
  2. Click on the link to Moodle
  3. Select any of your classes
  4. Click on the orange, three bar icon in the upper left of the Moodle page
  5. On the left side of the screen, click the tab labeled “Augsburg Tools.” This will open a drop-down menu. Click “CLASS Test Proctor Request” from this menu*
  6. Under “My Accommodations” on the bottom left, click the link titled “Alternative Testing”
  7. Select your course from the drop-down menu and click the button titled “Schedule an exam”
  8. In the “Exam Details” box, check-box the Terms and Conditions, and click the button “Add Exam Request”

Submit these at least seven days in advance of the test date. If your professor gives pop quizzes, work with your Specialist, professor, and the Accommodations Specialist to coordinate those.

*You can also reach the testing database at this location , but you will need to be logged in to “Inside Augsburg” before clicking the link.

Students take exams at the same time it is given in the classroom. To avoid missing another class, you may (with the professor’s permission) schedule a test earlier or later in the day. Because the lab doesn’t open until 8 a.m., early exams are usually scheduled to start at 8:30. Evening exams should be scheduled so that you can be done by 8 p.m. when the lab closes.

If the professor changes the date of a test, let the Accommodations team in the Groves Lab know right away.


Day of the Test

  • Go to the Groves Lab (Lindell 216) instead of the classroom.
  • The testing “clock” starts at the time you scheduled. Proctors are sent home if a testing student is 30 minutes or more late.
  • Your proctor can safeguard any personal items you have. Only the student, the proctor, and the testing materials are allowed in the testing room. iPods and cell phones should be left outside of the room.
  • If you are authorized to use a computer, you may use word processing software to type your answers or Kurzweil to read the exam aloud; any other software use needs to be authorized by your Specialist or the professor.
  • All students are expected to follow the university-wide academic honesty policies. If a student violates the honesty policy, testing will be stopped immediately and the professor will be notified of the circumstances.
  • Students can take up to 10 minutes worth of breaks without it counting against their testing time, under a proctor’s supervision.
  • If a student misses a test in the Groves Lab, it is the same as missing a test in the classroom. You should explain your absence to the professor and ask if they will allowed you to schedule a make-up exam. This is up to the professor’s discretion, not the CLASS office.

Need to Request a Test?

Check out this following YouTube Video showing you how to request a test: YouTube Tutorial for Requesting a Test


Students cannot provide their own proctors or be proctored by their tutor for that subject, a family member/guardian, or their personal care assistant.