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Study Skills & Aids

The following Free or Low Cost Assistive Technology programs, software, websites, and apps focus on different forms of Study Skills and Aids. The information about the following applications has been summarized from the applications’ websites and/or from experience testing the applications. We update this page approximately once a year. Please refer to the applications’ websites for the most up to date information.

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Study Skills & Aids

Chegg Prep



  • Searchable study topics and flashcards
  • Over 500+ million flashcards available
  • Customizable study material to test your knowledge
  • More Information: Chegg Prep Website

Cost: Free

Compatibility: iOS and Android

Exam Countdown

Exam Countdown logo


  • An app that helps track exam and quiz dates
  • Enable notifications to get reminders for upcoming exams
  • Many icons and colors to choose from when creating a countdown
  • More Information: Exam Countdown Website

Cost: Free

Compatibility: iOS; Android


iAnnotate Logo


  • Annotate PDF, Word Doc, PowerPoint, and image files with this app
  • Use the typewriter, pen, highlighter, stamp, note, underline, photo, voice and other tools to annotate your document
  • Import PDFs or export for sharing with others
  • More Information: iAnnotate Website

Cost: $9.99

Compatibility: iOS

iStudiez Pro

iStudiez Pro Logo


  • Stay organized and on top of your school work and your schedule with this app
  • Using the built-in planner with alerts and reminders, track tasks, homework, deadlines, meetings, and your grades
  • Sync across your devices
  • More Information: iStudiez Pro Website

Cost: Free with in-app purchases

Compatibility: Windows; Mac; iOS


Kahoot App logo


  • Create fun and interactive quizzes to study by yourself or in a group
  • Enter study mode to practice for exams and quizzes
  • Browse different templates, track learning progress through weekly goals, and more
  • More Information: Kahoot! Website

Cost: Free for basic version and Paid versions for $3.99/month for Kahoot + Start, $7.99/month for Premier, and $9.99/month for Max (billed annually)

Compatibility: iOS; Android, Online Resource


Mathshare a Benetech initiative logo


  • Open source online math editor that allow users to create digital math
  • Helpful for users to breakdown their problem solving with math equations into individual steps, and lets users type notes to describe their reasoning for each step
  • Works with various learning management systems
  • More information: Mathshare by Benetech

Cost: Free

Compatibility: Web-based application


MyHomework app logo


  • Virtual Planner to track your homework, tests, projects, and lessons
  • Set and receive reminders when assignments are due or tests are coming up
  • Set up your class schedule within the app
  • Sync your information with any of the available devices
  • More Information:  myHomework Website

Cost: Free and $4.99/year for Premium

Compatibility: Windows; Mac; Chrome Extension; iOS; Android; Kindle


MyStudyLife Logo


  • Create an account to keep track of your school work, assignments, course, schedule and exams
  • Use the dashboard to schedule and set reminders for all your school related work
  • Cross platform compatibility allows for organizing on a variety of devices
  • More Information: My Study Life Website

Cost: Free

Compatibility: iOS; Android; Online Resource


Quizlet app logo


  • Online resource for creating and studying flashcards for a variety of educational subjects
  • Generate your own content or use content other users have created
  • Gamify flashcards or turn them into a practice test to help with studying
  • More Information: Quizlet Website

Cost: Free

Compatibility: Online Resource; iOS; Android

Socratic by Google

Socratic by Google logo


  • Google’s AI learning tool for a variety of subjects
  • Get help with online resources, instructions, and study guides
  • Created for high school and post-secondary
  • More Information: Socratic Website

Cost: Free

Compatibility: Android; iOS

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