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Built-In Accessibility

The following details Built-In Accessibility features on Windows, Apple, and Android. The information about the following applications has been summarized from the applications’ websites and/or from experience testing the applications. We update this page approximately once a year. Please refer to the applications’ websites for the most up to date information.

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Built-In Accessibility:


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  • Personalize your Windows device with their built-in Accessibility Features to support access with vision, hearing, mobility, and learning
  • Features include Screen Reader/Text-to-Speech (Narrator), Magnification (Magnifier), Keys Commands (Mouse Keys), Speech-to-Text and Voice Control (Speech Recognition), visual alerts to replace sounds, Keyboard on Screen, Toggle Keys, Adjustable Mouse Settings, High Contrast Schemes, Ability to Personalize the Appearance of the Computer including text, and more
  • Tutorial videos and help guides are available
  • More Information: Microsoft’s Accessibility Website

Cost: Free

Compatibility: Windows

Apple Products

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  • Personalize your Apple devices with their built-in Accessibility Features to support access with vision, hearing, reading, mobility, and learning
  • Features include magnification, switch control, live captions, sticky keys, spoken content, dictation, VoiceOver, word prediction, and more
  • More Information: Apple’s Accessibility Website

Cost: Free

Compatibility: Mac, iPhone, iPad


Android icon


  • Android devices have a series of apps and built-in accessibility tools. The Android Accessibility Suite is available to install on Google Play
  • Features include Live transcribe, Select to speak, TalkBack, live caption and transcriptions, Switch Access, Voice Access, and adjustable sound settings
  • More Information: Android’s Accessibility Website and Android Accessibility Overview

Cost: Free

Compatibility: Android

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