Assistive Technology

Students with disabilities can access a number of special kinds of technology in the Groves Lab. Some of these items may be checked out for personal and classroom use.

  • Audio Books from Learning Ally (formerly RFB&D). We have special mp3 players that play these materials.
  • Kurzweil scanner software that will read texts aloud. See a demo of this software at the Kurzweil website.
  • Dictation software like Dragon NaturallySpeaking that allows you to dictate directly into a computer document.
  • Screen-readers like Jaws that read text from computer screens aloud.
  • Magnifiers like Magic
  • Alpha-Smart a portable keyboard that can be used to take notes which can then be uploaded onto a computer.
  • Franklin Spellers These are electronic dictionaries that can perform sophisticated spell-check for students who have difficulty spelling. For example, a student can type in “sykology” and the dictionary will bring up a list of possible correct words, “psychology, sociology, psychologist, etc.” Then the student can browse through the dictionary definitions to make sure that they are choosing the correct word. Some models have a “say” function which will read the word and definition aloud.
  • Text Help a program that helps students with their writing.
  • Hear it a listening device that eliminates background noises and clarifies the sound of voices to make them easier to understand.
  • FM Transmitters amplify sound for students with hearing impairments. The instructor is given a small microphone to wear during lectures and the student wears a receiver ear-piece.
  • Smartpens allow audio recording while you are taking notes.
  • A small number of laptops are available (first-come-first serve) in the Groves Lab for CLASS students who have an emergency need.

If you have any questions about technology for students with disabilities or would like to visit the Groves Lab, please contact the Accommodations Assistant, at 612-330-1353.

Also check out some of the accessibility features that are on Windows 7…

…and on iPad…