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Theatre Alumni Produce "Love and War"

lovenwarSeveral Augsburg theatre alumni have joined forces to create and stage the musical “Love and War,” now showing at Pioneer Place in St. Cloud.

Michael Kelley ’04 and Tim McVean ’05 and friend Josh Iley co-star, Sarah Nargang ’04 directs, and James Lekatz ’07 choreographs. The show also features a four-piece live band.

“Love and War” features a series of letters, poems, and music relating to soldiers and their loved ones at home. It incorporates video, precision sound, lighting techniques, and unique choreography and music, and takes place amidst nearly three tons of dirt.

The beginnings of “Love and War” go back to Augsburg, where theatre majors Kelley and McVean were looking for a unique musical to produce. Richard Peaslee’s “Songs of Love and War” caught their attention. The music, compiled during the Vietnam era, puts the poetry of Lewis Cartoll, Carl Sandberg, and others to music. Since 2004, Kelley, McVean, and Iley have been refining and developing Peaslee’s work into the musical that opened on Sept.13.

The show runs weekends through Sept.30. For ticket information, visit

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