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Norwegian Vernepleier scholars visit Augsburg

Norwegian graduates of Augsburg and their families after commencement in 2002

From Feb. 11 – 14, Augsburg will be hosting 12 Vernepleier professors from Norway who will examine what the college and the local community have to offer prospective Norwegian students.

Vernepleier is a Norwegian term for a field of study that develops and delivers a holistic approach to working with persons with disabilities. Nadia Christensen, Augsburg’s Director of International Partners, describes Vernepleier as “similar to special education programs here in the U.S., but expanded to serve persons with disabilities beyond the learning environment.”

On Monday, the visiting scholars will meet with Augsburg faculty from Psychology, Sociology, Education, Social Work, Music Therapy, and Communication Studies. They will also meet with staff from Augsburg’s CLASS program and other programs on campus that are relevant to Vernepleier.

During the remainder of their stay, the Norwegian professors will be visiting program sites across the Twin Cities that provide services or opportunities to persons with disabilities.

The list of Norwegian faculty includes Marit Rustad, who is already on campus visiting with the Education department:

Knut Simonsen, Bergen University College

Inger Elisabeth Bergum, Molde University College

Karen Engeland, Akershus University College

Jon Ekeland, Sør Trøndelag University College

Frode Fjeldsbø, Rogaland University College

Terje Grøndahl, Østfold University College

Oddbjørn Johansen, Nord Trøndelag University College

Gro Kalvenes, Akershus University College

Leif Lysvik, Harstad University College

Janneke Quarles van Ufford, Agder University College

Marit Rustad, Harstad University College

Anne Thronsen, Telemark University College

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