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URGO Summer Research Oral Presentations

urgo_researchThis week, some of Augsburg’s undergraduate researchers will share the work they have been engaged in over the summer.

The office of Undergraduate Research and Graduate Opportunity (URGO) provides summer research grants for students interested in graduate or professional study. The program encourages undergraduate students to conduct research because it displays an understanding of current questions in a field, the ability to collaborate with others, and the persistence necessary to meet the demands of graduate study.

Students are involved in research activities 40 hours per week for nine weeks. They also participate in weekly research roundtable discussions, submit weekly progress reports to the URGO office, and are required to present their findings at Augsburg’s year-end Zyzzogeton festival.

Wednesday, July 22, 10:30-12:00

Kennedy 303

10:30 Randy Krug ’10 (Biology): A Novel Method for Stimulating Growth in Algal Systems. [Gyberg, Chemistry]

11:00 Jessica Fanaselle ’10 (English, Religion) & Taylor Norman ’10 (English): Digitizing Aldo Leopold’s A Sand County Almanac: Recreating an Undergraduate Research Experience. [Irvine, English]

11:30 Ruthann Dohner ’11 (Biology) & Therese Miller ’10 (Biology): Wound Healing in Asthma: The Role of Major Basic Protein. [Bankers-Fulbright, Biology]

Kennedy 305

10:30 Colin Stanhill ’11 (English, Film): Anton Wilson, Thomas Pynchon and the Problem of Perspective in Postmodern Fiction. [Cowgill, English]

11:00 Eric Howe ’10 (Computer Science, Mathematics): Modeling Heat-Shrinkable Films. [Belik, Mathematics]

11:30 Jim Kleason ’11 (Computer Science, Business Administration) & Melissa Robertson ’10 (Mathematics): Activity of Parietal and Prefrontal Neurons during Spatial Categorization. [Crowe, Biology]

Oren Gateway Center 100

10:30 Jessica Hilk ’11 (Health & Physical Education): Plyometrics: A study of their effects on the Augsburg Volleyball Team. [Clapp, Health & Phy. Ed]

11:00 Ruth Senum ’10 (Elementary Education): Statistical Literacy within the K-8 Curriculum. [Stevens, Education]

11:30 Nick Blixt ’10 (Biology) & Breann Woelfel ’10 (Biology): Monitoring Stream Health Using DNA Barcodes of Environmentally Sensitive Aquatic Insects: A Study of Rice Creek. [Butkowski, Biology]

Oren Gateway Center 201

10:30 Adam Williams ’09 (Psychology): The Effects of Vocabulary on Attractiveness. [Matz, Psychology]

11:00 Dustin Dorsey ’10 (Biology) & Arianna Lofrano ’11 (Biology): Microsatellite Analysis of Host-Parasite Interactions: The Case of Abutilon theophrasti and Cuscuta pentagona. [Botanga & Capman, Biology]

11: 30 Allison Nelson ’11 (Chemistry): Adventures in Green Chemistry: A Green Pathway to Benzoic Acids. [Olmsted, Chemistry]

1:00-2:30 Concurrent Afternoon Presentations

Kennedy 303

1:00 Aybike Bakan ’11 (Biology) & Jens Olsen ’10 (Biology): Effects of Major Basic Protein on Calu-3 Epithelial Monolayers: Implications for Asthma. [Bankers-Fulbright, Biology]

1:30 Anna Boyle ’10 (Political Science): Analyzing Two Minnesota Governors and the Use of Executive Power in Policymaking; Wendell Anderson in 1971 and Tim Pawlenty in 2009. [Hesser, Sociology]

2:00 Juventino Meza-Rodriguez ’11 (Peace & Justice Studies, Sociology): Augsburg College: Its Immigrant Sensibility, Jane Addams, & Civic Engagement– a History, the Present, our Future. [Pribbenow]

Kennedy 305

1:00 Sam Smith ’11 (International Relations): Synthetic Worlds, Synthetic Selves? Identity Construction in World of Warcraft. [Vela-McConnell, Sociology]

1:30 Emily Merhar ’09 (Studio Art): Contemporary Ceramic Dishware with Terra Sigillata: Influenced by Cedar Avenue. [Tom, Art]

2:00 John Singleton ’10 (Mathematics, Physics) & Ben Hoffman ’10 (Mathematics, Physics): Numerical Optimization of Organic Solar Cell Efficiencies. [Belik, Mathematics]

Oren Gateway Center 100

1:00 Nick Hudson ’12 (Physics): Image Processing and the Tools of Tomorrow. [Stottrup, Physics]

1:30 Andy Myers ’10 (Music Performance): Stories: Excerpts from the Lives of Marv Dahlgren and Elliot Fine. [Stacke, Music]

2:00 Shane Wyborny ’10 (Biology): Algae Cultivation for Biodiesel Production Using Solar Power & Artificial Light. [Feng, Chemistry]

Thursday, July 23, 11:00-12:00

Oren Gateway Center 201

11:00 MacKenzie Shiell ’10 (Psychology): The Relation Between Received Prosocial Behavior and Anxious-Depressed and Withdrawn-Depressed Affect in Kindergarteners. [Ralston, Psychology]

11:30 Betsy Norell ’10 (Music Therapy): The Effects of Music on Immune System Indicators. [Taylor, Music Therapy]

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