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‘Sweetness #9’ garners attention of The Huffington Post, USA Today

“Sweetness #9,” the debut novel by Stephan Eirik Clark, Augsburg College assistant professor, continues to gain attention in advance of its August 19 release. The Huffington Post featured the novel in its weekly book review section, What We’re Talking About.

USA Today also published an overview of the book that included comments from Clark. He describes the inspiration behind “Sweetness #9” and the book’s mention on The Colbert Report — a television show that catalyzed the novel’s rapid rise on bestseller lists. Read, “The Book We’re Talking About: ‘Sweetness #9’ By Stephan Eirik Clark” on The Huffington Post and “New Voices: Stephan Eirik Clark and ‘Sweetness #9’” on USA Today.

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