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Andy Aoki talks with KARE 11 about police force diversity

Prof. Andy Aoki
Prof. Andy Aoki

Political Science Prof. Andy Aoki spoke with KARE 11 about the importance of creating diverse police departments in the cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul. The story, which took a look at local police departments, was being explored in light of recent clashes between the public and police in Ferguson, Missouri. Aoki said one way to help quell tensions is by developing a more diverse force. “Bringing in a more diverse force, I think, is one of the best steps,” Aoki told KARE 11’s Adrienne Broaddus. “There is a real problem if you don’t have people who understand communities that see things from very different points of view. Even if they are well intended, you can have misunderstandings.” Watch the interview on “Ferguson fallout: Looking at local police diversity.” Aoki is featured in the video in the middle of the page.

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