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Auggie Pass Provides Augsburg Undergraduate Students Unlimited Rides on Buses and Light Rail

Augsburg’s student government approved paying for the pass by student fee so no undergraduates pays out of pocket to commute to campus, internships, jobs 

(Minneapolis) — Augsburg University now offers the Auggie Pass, a universal transit pass that gives undergraduateThe Metro Transit logo students unlimited rides on buses and light rail in a first of its kind partnership between Metro Transit and a Twin Cities college.

Skye Ryge was an Augsburg student government environmental officer last year when she advocated for student government to approve a $5 green fee increase to $20 per semester to pay for the Auggie Pass. She believes it will help reduce students’ financial strain and improve their chances of accepting jobs and internships involving a commute.

“As someone who uses the bus everyday, it’s great not to have that financial burden,” said Ryge ‘20, who will be a fourth-year student this fall and used to pay more than $100 monthly to ride the bus. “It’s really economically advantageous to students who pay for school like me to not have to choose between textbooks and bus fare.”

“Efficiently connecting people to schools, work and other destinations is at the heart of what a quality system does,” said Metro Transit General Manager Wes Kooistra. “We are excited about this partnership, connecting Augsburg University students to our system and our region, and hope this develops into a model that can be duplicated with other schools.”

The Auggie Pass is valid throughout the school year and is paid for by the student Green Fee and University operating funds. All undergraduate day students who pay the semester Green Fee are eligible. Students can now pick up their Auggie Pass in the Lindell Library at the circulation desk on the ground level. Visit Augsburg transportation webpage for more details.

The push for the Auggie Pass was an effort to support Augsburg’s Transportation Plan goals:

  • Enhance Augsburg’s commitment to the city, its urban location, and environmental stewardship;
  • Maximize the use of other transportation options, including light rail, bus, biking, and ride-sharing;
  • Ensure students access classes, campus services, and educational opportunities;
  • Support employees at the Minneapolis campus in getting to work.

View the announcement at Metro Transit’s site.

For details, contact: Gita Sitaramiah, Director of PR and Internal Communications. or 612-330-1476.

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