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Kare 11 Report: Professor of Economics Jeanne Boeh Discusses COVID-19 Economic Impact

Kare 11 logoKare 11 spoke with health and economy experts about the hidden costs of fighting COVID-19 and the long-term effects that might stick around for years. A Hennepin Healthcare pediatrician expressed her concern about mental health, addiction, and child abuse. Economists such as Augsburg Professor of Economics Jeanne Boeh are concerned about the financial fallout that may linger on for years.

Boeh explained that many of the jobs that were lost may never come back and many of the businesses that closed may be gone forever.

“Gaps between lower, middle, and upper class may get even wider in the coming years,” Boeh told Kare 11. “People who can work from home, their lives may have actually gotten better. There are no transportation costs. They’re still getting paid.” But she said people who were involved in restaurants and nursing might be adversely affected.

Watch the full report on the Kare 11 website.

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