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Augsburg’s Gradual Ascent Project Featured in MPLSART.COM

MPLSART.COM logoOn January 26 MPLSART.COM published “‘Gradual Ascent’: Connection and Care @Augsburg_Galleries,” which covers a year-long project of Augsburg’s art galleries, during which different photographers have been taking over the galleries’ Instagram account. Gradual Ascent grew out of online gatherings facilitated by Jenny Wheatley, Augsburg’s coordinator of galleries and exhibitions, who was exploring how to restructure the galleries’ programming in response to the pandemic. Participating artist Khadija Charif told the reporter, “The blessing in a virtual gallery lies in the softness and privacy of each viewer. … I find it wonderful that I get the opportunity to show my work and let the viewer experience the work however they interpret it, without crowds.”

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