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Honors students consider evolution and religion

honors_playEven if you are a theatre major, there aren’t many college courses where the semester ends with a theatrical performance. One exception is The Scholar Citizen, the introductory Honors program class at Augsburg. In this course, students read and discuss a text and then create a play, or in this year’s case four plays, as part of a theatre lab attached to the class.

Larry Crockett, a professor of computer science who teaches this course, says this class serves as students’ “…initiation to life as a scholar lived in an intentional community.” He adds that in addition to introducing students to the rigor of the Honors program, the course also teaches them to see that they are not here to ‘worship what is known,’ as the late J. Bronowski once wrote, but to ‘question what is claimed,’ with a certain ‘barefoot, ragamuffiin’ irreverence.” Continue reading “Honors students consider evolution and religion”

An accountant or a pastor?

cody_warrenFour years ago, Cody Warren came to Augsburg with the certain sense that he was called to become a pastor. A volunteer opportunity created in Cody a desire to learn more about tax accounting, and it also opened his eyes to new possibilities for exploring his vocation. At Augsburg, Cody majored in Accounting and Religion, was involved with campus ministry, was an orientation leader, worked with academic advising, and was part of the Augsburg accounting and finance club. And in President Pribbenow’s first year, Cody got to trade places with him for a day. He says Pribbenow reversed all his decisions from that day.

What follows is Cody’s senior chapel talk on taxes, vocation, and Bonhoeffer. If you are a graduating senior and would like to share your Augsburg story with us, please email Continue reading “An accountant or a pastor?”