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Spotlight on Weight Loss Success: Sheila Anderson

sheila_200Sheila Anderson is one member of our community who joined Weight Watchers at Work, and has truly been an inspiration for other members with her determination and amazing progress. Here she discusses how being a part of a supportive network of people to  encourage her has been integral to the process.

“I came to Weight Watchers because of a need to, well, lose weight. I knew that we needed 20 people to keep the at work meeting going and thought I’d give it a shot. Even if I failed miserably at least it could be my contribution to others at Augsburg. I don’t know if I actually believed that I would succeed, but doing nothing hadn’t proved successful, so what the heck.

“I probably wouldn’t have said this before, but I stay with Weight Watchers because of the group support. I would have been more likely to try a center instead of an at work meeting. At a center, I would be anonymous. No one would know me and thus no one would know if I failed. I most certainly wouldn’t write a message like this telling the entire campus that I was in Weight Watchers. I’d be likely to say, ‘I’m fine. I can do this on my own. Why do I have to pay money when

I know I just needs to eat less and move more to lose weight?’ But the fact that I never did the eat less and move more part on my own. The support of the group encourages me to practice these principles.

“I’m thankful that we’ve had enough people to continue the group. I don’t think we’d see the same successes if each member went to individual meetings. We have a great group of interesting, funny, engaging faculty, staff, and students who participate. Our leader has a great sense of humor and is very supportive. At the same time, she’s also realistic and keeps us on task. I don’t think anyone in the group would say this is easy. We all have our good weeks or months and bad weeks or months, but it’s helpful and encouraging to know that you’re not alone when times are rough.”

Inspired by these Weight Watchers members? Ready to tackle the holiday season with a support group? A new series of Weight Watchers begins on Friday, Nov. 16, 1:30-2:30 p.m. in the Century Room. Contact Cherie Christ at with questions.

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