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GEMS and GISE robots roam campus

gems_giseThe Girls in Engineering, Mathematics and Science (GEMS) and the Guys in Science and Engineering (GISE) are back on the Augsburg campus again this summer. This yearly program, for students in grades 4-12, is designed to develop confidence in and a positive attitude toward math, science, and technology. The students come for the Minneapolis Public School District.

Augsburg students, as well as former GEMS students, serve as mentors. These opportunities not only give the younger students valuable opportunities, but the Augsburg students valuable teaching experience while building their own confidence and knowledge in math and science.

Students in the program will work on a variety of projects, including a robotics class along with sessions with names like “eMusik,” “Mighty Mississippi,” and “Backyard Ballistics.”

Students in the program work on a variety of projects, including a robotics class, in which they are building a replica of a space capsule and a “Make Up Your Mind” class, where the students make their own cosmetics.

GEMS and GISE runs through August.

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